Practical Ways to Build Love and Faith Into Our Children (Tea Time)

by SomeGirl on March 21, 2011 · 13 comments

Ahhh… It feels SO good to sit down with a nice warm cup of  Tazo “Calm” tea and a cinnamon apple candle glowing next to the laptop. And it’s great to connect with you again after a busy Spring Break! ♥

I am excited to share more wisdom from Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart Conference (see disclaimer below), I’ve needed a refresher this week as I lost focus for a few days. Thankfully we have Tea Time here to remind me of what’s really important! I hope and pray you are encouraged as well as you read today’s  post!

Building love and faith into the lives of our children is really a matter of prayer and time. “Our children need our time, attention, love, thoughtfulness, compassion.”

As moms we must continually pray for wisdom as we parent, and pray that God will show us how to best build His love into our children.

This looks different for each child. Just like adults, children have different love languages. It’s our job as moms to find the way to best communicate love to our children. What speaks love to you may not be what speaks love to them and vice-versa. (I’d highly recommend the book The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman)

Once you know your child’s love language, fill your child up! Let them sense God’s  love through you! Let them know they are important!

(The stuff about Love Languages didn’t come from the Mom Heart conference, but it goes well with it. :) The following quotes did come from there.)

“Light a candle, sit down, talk with your children. Everyday.”

“Make your house the most enjoyable place your children can be.”

“Have your life be a place where hospitality and friendships are cultivated. ”

“Keep wonders alive. Be out in nature. Go out and experience it, get your
children out in the beauty and wildness of His creation.”

“Provide your children w/ stability and security.”

Listen to your children with your heart. Believe in their dreams. Love them anyway.”

“To capture the heart of a person you must invest in the moments that God has given you.”

“Our children need to learn to be content, faithful, hardworking and responsible.”

“You must cultivate contentment in your own heart!”

“He desires not for you to be happy and shallow, but to be Holy.”

“Speak loving words over, about and to your children… Often!”

“Have faith in your kids, have faith in God.”

“Speak confidence into your children. When they know you have confidence in them, it helps them have confidence in themselves.”

You need to simplify your life!

“Stay passionate for God’s plan for your life – You cannot pass on to your children what you do not already posses.”

It’s the kindness and mercy of God that leads us to repentance.

“Your children want a happy, joyful mom. Let your children know you are happy to be their mom.

“Stay passionate for nurturing your children -your intentional commitment and undivided heart reveals God’s heart to them.”

Show them they are important!” Choose them over other people or activities.

Read to your children… snuggle up next to them and read (or tell) stories. Even older children love being read to!

It’s not too late to start doing any of these things! God doesn’t want you to feel guilty about what you haven’t done. He is ready to restore what you’ve lost and fill you with love overflowing so you can pour His love out on your children. Now is the time to start! Now is the time to build love and faith into the lives of your children. HE can do it through you! YOU are the mom He chose for your children!!


Until next Tea Time (next Tuesday) when we look at developing the character of our children,  may you rejoice in the knowledge that



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Disclaimer: Most of what I share in this and future Tea Times came directly (or was gleaned) from the Mom Heart Conference hosted by Sally Clarkson. Where I quote directly from her or another speaker I will use quotation marks. In my haste to write down the great nuggets of truth shared with us I failed to write who said what, so my quotes will not be referenced. In other words, if you see something in quotes it was said by someone wise at the conference. ;)




I’m so glad I saw this post before bed. I feel renewed to wake up and do a great job tomorrow!

ps – love the istock series!


Yay! Praise God! I pray today was a great day and that tomorrow will be even better!

And I’m SO glad you’re loving the istock series! That makes me smile. :)


I had to start reading this over because at first when I read cinnamon apple I immediately thought DONUT! Okay, candle, back to healthy thinking (can you tell I’m trying to lose my last few post baby pounds?)…

Beautiful post, Michelle. During story time last night with my little guy I felt just so blessed. And it seemed like he was acting as if it was the happiest part of his day.


Haha… donuts. ;) lol

What a sweet time with your little guy and doesn’t it just warm your heart?! Thanks for sharing that!

Cranberry Morning

I have never read the Five Love Languages of Children. I’ve read the adult version and thought it was SO insightful! Must track down that other book.


It’s a lot like the original one… in fact, I confess to not reading the whole thing since it was so much like the other. :)


I need to come back and read this again. So much good stuff! Thanks for sharing.


And there’s even more where that came from… It was SUCH a GREAT conference! :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥


What a great post and so needed too. This is something we always need to be reminded about. I am so glad you tweeted this. Lots of good reminders and it brought me back to what matters most. Thanks


Praise God! May we all be brought back to what matters most. Thanks, Anne! ♥


Much needed today…. THANK YOU! :) The over-tired-attitudes-from-spring-break are wearing on me, and I need to remember to show grace.

I’ve been meaning to read the love languages thing for years now. I really need to get on that!


Yes! I HIGHLY recommend the Five Love Languages!! I’d suggest you start with the one for couples… it’s life-changing!! Seriously changed my life!! (and easy to apply to your children)


girl how i needed to read this tonight. i felt the tears brimming when i read…”forget what you haven’t done already”. ugh. the guilt of it all. i heart sally. and now i heart this post:) i guess i am just preparing myself for relevant. tears, tears everywhere.:)

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