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by SomeGirl on August 6, 2010 · 16 comments

You can tell a lot about a person…

by the contents of their purse

(starting from the top)

  1. Make shift Dave Ramsey envelope system from Dollar Tree
  2. Lots of FREE coupons (my favorite 4 letter word)
  3. a HUGE stack of frequent shopper cards, membership cards, debit cards, gift cards and business cards (from, what seems like, anywhere I’ve ever been or anyone I’ve ever met… ’cause you NEVER KNOW when you might need a Film and Television Producer, World Class Magical Entertainer or a Pintura Profesional/Professional Painter, right?) ;)
  4. A stack of my husband’s newly printed business cards (just in-case someone mentions needing a good stock photographer)
  5. My handy-dandy camera (in a handy-dandy case since I’m prone to accidents with it)
  6. Nail clippers (because you never know when you’re going to notice the boys’ fingernails are too long and gross)
  7. 1 faux-pearl earring, 1 piece of some broken metal object, a glue stick and the lens of a flashlight (things MacGyver might ask for)
  8. a wad of receipts and tickets (because my purse doubles as a trashcan and I might need something to spit my gum into, I guess)
  9. packets of slim quick water flavor stuff (to help me cut Cokes… and maybe lose some of the “junk in my trunk”) ;)
  10. 2 bandaids (well prepared mom… or maybe my son stuck them in there… can’t remember)
  11. Allergy/Cold dissolving strips (this was me… we have bad allergies here)
  12. Just enough “mad cash” (do-what-I-want-with-it-blow-money) for a run through Taco Bueno :)
  13. My poPhone (which I went back to after my week of trying an iPhone)
  14. Lipstick, chapstick and mascara (my daily makeup routine)
  15. Eyeliner from when I ran out of mascara and needed something for color
  16. Concealer from when I tried Aveeno Warming Scrub for a “youthful appearance” and it gave me teenage pimples (not the kind of “youthful appearance” I was going for) ;)
  17. Lipliner because I found it in the car and it needed to go somewhere.
  18. a Sharpie (?).

and their backseat.

Let’s see… if I were on one of those Criminal Minds, CSI TV shows I’d determine that this person has:

2 boys (1 who loves Legos and one who Loves to dress up like a Cowboy) which would mean this person is from the south, probably Texas.

The boys are young, but only 1 is small enough for a booster and the other must be at least 8 since he’s not using a booster. One (or both) are learning to read (Dick and Jane book) and use the potty (pull-ups behind seat). Their mom wants some sort of order because she’s hung a trashbag and organizer on the back of the seats, but lacks discipline in making sure her children use them. And if you lifted the booster seat (which I’d HIGHLY recommend you DON’T) you’d notice that they spend much time eating on the road (and you’d be TOTALLY grossed out!!).

So, what about you? What’s in your purse and what does your backseat say about you??

Thanks for the GREAT idea, Arianne and Gwen!

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Kara @ Home With Purpose

LOL! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose purse and backseat look like that…except in my case it’s a minivan and it’s the WHOLE BACK! :-)


Hahah… And today was a “good backseat” day. ;) Don’t know if I could have taken a picture and posted it without shame a couple of weeks ago. ;)

It’s GREAT to see you here, Kara!! ♥ Michelle


No legos in your purse? Seriously? I’m impressed! I find those little random legos EVERYwhere.

My purse is about like yours, my backseat is worse (although we JUST completely emptied it 4 days ag0) , and I am totally stealing the nail clipper idea. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that one!

How fun!


Seriously, no Legos… crazy, hu?! ;) Thanks for making me feel better about my backseat! :)


Love it! Isn’t it fun to see into the uber private part of other people’s lives! My husband won’t even go into my purse, he calls it the black hole.


Hahaha… that’s what my husband calls mine! lol Thanks for the sweet tweet today! :)


Oh, this made me laugh out loud!!! #6 is SO TRUE! When I get up from here I will be throwing one in my purse :) I love the backseat, too. We have a garbage in the back as well but this mommy often forgets to encourage/cajole/pressure the kids to use it until it is too late and we need a kitchen garbage bag to take care of the mess ;)


LOL! I’ve been out there with a kitchen garbage bag way too many times! (or should I say, not often enough?) ;)

And can you believe replying to your comment right now reminds me I need to go clip my littlest one’s nails?! Thanks for reminding me! Haha!!


My purse? It says “this girl never puts anything in her wallet.” Anytime I need my license or ATM card or change I have to dig like crazy!!

The backseat? Says: She drinks a tremendous amount of QT 49 cents lemonades.


Hahaha! LOVE it!


I’d show you what’s in my purse but I don’t have a wide angle lens! That’s a great idea for a post though…. I’ll have to keep that in mind … after I clean it out! ROFL!


Aw, come on!! You know you want to try it (and you know we want to see it just the way it is)! ;) Btw, it’s a GREAT way to clean your purse out! lol


My purse is a disaster – and it is heavy! A wallet that is packed! Receipts everywhere! Makeup, brush, cellphone, stuff I haven’t seen in 1-3 months, a few of my little guys toys, socks (little guys), straw wrappers, probably a sippy cup, nail file, buttons (who knows to what) – I believe I could go on!

Fun idea – and my backseat – let’s not go there! ;)


LOL! Your purse contents are cracking me up!!! :D


I l.o.v.e. this post! The contents of my purse are mostly papers, bills, popsicle sticks, etc. – nothing too interesting. The picture of the backseat of your car is funny – what kids keep back there always cracks me up. Sherlock Holmes would have a field day with that picture.


Wouldn’t he, though?! lol Now, what are you doing with popsicle sticks in your purse?? The math and art kind or the sticky, finished a cool summer treat kind? Why am I so curious about this?? ;)

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