Real Goldfish Are Not as Tasty as Those Goldfish Crackers (Jim Gaffigan)

by SomeGirl on February 26, 2010 · 10 comments

Haha! That tweet of Jim Gaffigan is the perfect title for this montage of thoughts that run through my random mind and are now about to be shared with you. I’ve been trying to think of a good post to write and have come up with tons of good titles but not much content… You see, I used to think in FB Statuses, now I think in Blog Titles… then (in my thoughts) I follow those titles up with a little snippet of what the post might be about. Sometimes the snippet just keeps growing and finally ends up as a post here on SomeGirl’sWebsite and other times it just lays back in the crevices of my mind, peeking out when I start to think once again of what to write. So, today is my day to clean out those crevices… to let those titles and snippets flow freely and stop hounding me each time I think about a new post. In other words… Since I couldn’t come up with good content, I decided to make all those random-thought-titles my content. (Brilliant, hu!?) Think of it as “a little fraddle here, a little fraddle there.”

So, here you have it… the titles that plaque my mind and the snippets to go with them (maybe one day they’ll grow up and become posts of their own).

My Water Tastes Like Wet Dog

I went to get a cup of water the other day and the water filter had not been installed properly so the water really did taste like “wet dog.” My oldest one even noticed something was wrong and said, “Ew, this is tap water!” And then, after having that thought, I was struck with remorse concerning my selfish heart… people all over the world are dying for that “wet dog” water… dying from their disease ridden water… and here I complain in my thoughts about my life-giving, pure water that doesn’t taste as crystal clear as it would if my filter were properly installed?

But, I already did a post on Living Water International and didn’t want to press you guys with another Give Clean Water to the People Who Need It post… so I decided not to do that one. (fraddle for others)

Then there’s:

I Went to Bed Hungry the Other Night

I was lying in bed too cold to get out when my stomach started grumbling. On a warmer night I would have gotten out of bed and had a half cup of milk and a few almonds (tip from The Zone). But that night it was just TOO cold! Instead, I decided to go to bed hungry and let the grumbling prompt me to pray for people around the world who have no food to eat… who can’t just get out of bed and grab some milk and almonds (or anything for that matter). I, intentionally, did the same the next night. And my prayer life for those who are hungry has changed. I’m also praying for wisdom on ways our family can help the hungry. I’d appreciate your input on that! (fraddle for others, fraddle for God)

Then there’s:

Good, Good, Good…. Best!

All I really have here is an example of the game Duck, Duck, Goose and how we tend to get caught up in doing so many “good” things that we miss the opportunity to do the “best” things… we volunteer for so much stuff and feel guilty for not doing this or that. It’s not the “bad” things that we usually get caught up and tangled in, but all the “good” things. Imagine playing Duck, Duck, Goose with the words Good, Good, Best and every time you tap someone on the head and say “good” they start running around, by the time you get to “Best” you will be so distracted by the “good” you won’t see the “best.”

But, that post is too complicated to clearly state… so I haven’t put it out here yet. (or have I??? lol) (fraddle for self)

And then there’s this one (I’m almost done):

It’s Not Like Eating Eyeballs

This one is just a funny title that came from lunch with family while we were discussing what a Lychee berry is and how it tastes… somehow it was likened to eyeballs and my sister-in-love said, “It’s not like eating eyeballs.” I laughed and told her that just might make it as a post title someday! ;) (Someday…)

And the newest (and last) one… from this morning:

I Was Going to Have a Tom Cruise on Oprah Moment (but then I watched the video)

This morning I woke up thinking about all the comments on my last post and how I just LOVE comments. I love to get them and I love to give them! Sometimes I have to hold myself back so I don’t seem like an obsessed reader by not commenting on every post that I read. So, I thought about writing a post about commenting that went something like this: “I LOVE COMMENTS! Yes, I LOVE COMMENTS! I’m going to jump on the sofa and have a Tom Cruise on Oprah moment… I LOVE them that much!” …. And then I watched the video.

I don’t love them that much. That was just crazy! I had only heard about it and not seen it myself…. that boy went Cuh-Ray-Zee! ;)

Anyway, I really do love comments… even if it’s just to say, “Hi! I was here.” or “I love comments, too! Please check out my blog at _______.” (I will!)

See, since I took off all my traffic counters I have no other way of knowing you were here. So, please… pretend you’re a teenager in a bathroom stall… take out your “pen” and inscribe a little “I wuz here” in the comment section down below… I’d be oh-so-glad you did! :) And I’ll return the favor if you leave your link. ♥  But, please, no potty talk… this is a family friendly blog. ;) (fraddle for little ol’ me)

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I love all your titles. Wow, you’re right…he was Cuh-Ray-Zee! I had never actually seen that before either. And I vote for you doing the post about “It’s not like eating eyeballs.” That one will be good! :)

Some Girl

Seriously, right!? Eyeballs… hmmm, I’ll have to be working on the snippet for that one! ;)


Your posts are so awesome!!! this one was a lot of fun to read.

Some Girl

Thanks, Jason! I was starting to think this one was long and dumb… glad you liked it! That makes me feel better! :)


I was here. Loved your comments. Love your blog. Love you!

Some Girl

Thanks, John!!!

Betsy Henry

I wuz here!! Future blogs are so fun to think about! Everytime I have a good conversation with someone I think to myself, “That would be a good blog!” I’ve got too much blogging on the brain!

Some Girl

Hi Betsy! Glad I’m not the only one with that “problem.” :)


Love it! I feel the same way about comments…..never enough!!

Some Girl

Seriously… never enough! Ha!

And, thanks for commenting! I’m glad to know you were here. :) – Michelle

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