How Do You Get Refreshed?

by SomeGirl on June 10, 2010 · 35 comments

I’ve mentioned before that I homeschool, but I don’t talk a whole lot about it. It’s not that I’m trying to be in denial (as I was in the beginning), but more that my mind gets going on so many other things when I blog. Maybe it’s also that homeschooling has been a somewhat stressful experience (even though I look back and am thankful for the opportunity) and blogging is my early morning escape away (if you call 8:41 am early, which I do  ;) ).

But today I’m hooking up with the Homeschool Village and answering the question “how do you get refreshed before the upcoming school year?” (please stay with me even if you don’t homeschool… it is, after all, Thought Provoking Thursday and I’m hoping to provoke your thoughts whether or not you homeschool). :)

I read the question last night and thought, “Refreshed?? Ha! What’s that??” And then it got me thinking… How DO I refresh? Not necessarily how do I refresh for the school year, but how do I refresh in life? How do I refresh physically and how do I refresh spiritually? (You knew it was going to come back to the spiritual, didn’t you? ;) )

To tell the truth summer is not a time of refreshing for me… it’s a time of heat, sweat, and trying to figure out what to do to keep my boys active that doesn’t require me nursing a heat rash (which I’m doing right now). It’s SO STINKIN’ HOT in Texas!!

Because my oldest has such a HARD time coming back to learning after any sort of break, we are pressing on with a modified school schedule. He has a checklist that includes basic hygiene, chores and learning, that he completes each weekday before he can use any media: tv, computer, video games. It keeps him in the routine of “school” and is good for his development of self-discipline (my youngest just started his own check list this week).

I guess my refreshment really comes in the Fall… I LOVE the fall and the cool breezes that come. I just LOVE all the fun things we can do, the natural learning that takes place and the physical rest that comes… it’s truly a refreshing time for me.

So, in the thick of this HEAT and lack of physical refreshment, the question is raised: What do I do to find true refreshment?

It’s so easy to become burdened with the worries of life. To feel run down and exhausted spiritually, emotionally and physically. To go, go, go… do, do, do… give, give, give … and forget to find refreshment for your weary soul. To forget to rest.

While the heat of summer may wear me down and leave me longing for physical refreshment, I hope and pray I will spend this time seeking spiritual refreshment from The One who says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Maybe I’ll try to remember to pray for spiritual refreshment each time I enter the cool, refreshing water of the pool or take a cool drink to quench the thirst that the summer heat has created. I think that’s how I’ll refresh for the upcoming school year. How about you?

Btw, if you’re visiting from the Homeschool Village… WELCOME! It’s GREAT to have you here! (And to my sweet readers, you know I just LOVE having you here, don’t you?? :) ) ♥ Michelle

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What a great way to think about refreshing yourself! :D God definitely can refresh you. :D

I had to think about this. We step away from routines in the summertime, although I think I proably need to have at least some assemblance of one for my children for summer. I’m thinking of adding a few worksheets for them both each week although maybe not each day.

Thank you so much for sharing!
Have a great day!


Yeah, some form of routine seems to bring sanity around here… even if it’s little. :) Hope you enjoy your weekend! I just love it when you comment, btw! Thanks! ♥ Michelle


I love that photo! It’s HOT in FL right now too! I love our fall trips to NC and TN to really experience some refreshment.

thanks for linking up – to the Village!!



Oooh… NC and TN sound really nice right now. Hope you get some refreshing breezes in FL! :) It was fun linking up… Thanks, Stef! ♥ Michelle

Betsy Henry

Teachers definitely need a break whether homeschooling or not. I admire home schooling so much. There have definitely been times when I’ve thought about doing it with my boys and some regrets. School is not the place for every child.

Have fun refreshing over the summer!


Amen! Teachers need breaks!

I agree, children learn in such different ways… I wish classrooms were set up to meet the needs of all students, but I know that’s hard to do!

And from what I can tell, you have no need to regret your decisions… you would have had reason to write the book whether your boys had been homeschooled or not. ;) (there’s been times of hair pulling and nagging in our house) ♥ Michelle

Vicki Leslie


Vicki Leslie

Oops, I hit the enter button too soon.

Thanks for the insight Michelle, it was very encouraging to me, even though I am an empty nester. I think mom’s need a time of refresing wheather they are homeschool moms or not, especially when they have children with them 24/7. Being a mom is the most rewarding job you will ever do and at times the most challenging.

Times of refreshing are needed for everyone. We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Mexico. Seven days by the pool is soooo refreshing. Thanks for the reminder about refreshing our spirits. That just brings your whole being into balance.

Blessings my friend,


Oooh… your vacation in Mexico sounds wonderful!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It’s GREAT to hear from you and to hear from the experiences of moms who have gone before us! Thanks, Leslie! ♥ Michelle

Rachel Pereira

I’m not a homeschooler, but I love the application to how we get refreshed in all of life. As you know, I’m a major music lover! I use praise music quite a bit to get recharged and refocused!!
Not to rub it in, but It’s been in the 40’s @ night and 60’s in the day here!! =)


Oh, Girl!! 40s/60s… I am jealous!!!


The boys and I love to hike the mountains in the fall. There is something refreshing about the spring and fall transitions which just breathes renewal! Thanks for visiting! :)


I totally agree! And how fun to hike the mountains with your boys! Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle


Well, you already know that I’m not a homeschooler, but I think the summer break itself kind of refreshes me. Not so much for the new school year, but more as a mom getting to just purely enjoy my boys. No schedules unless we choose them, no homework (although you know that I’m doing the summer checklist too), no stopping in the middle of the afternoon for school pickup time.

It’s refreshing just to be able to play, swim, do, craft, read, lounge, explore or whatever we feel like doing that week. (And by the end of summer, I’ll be needing refreshment from all this refreshment, in the form of school and schedules.) But for now, we’re enjoying the break!


I love it! You need refreshment from all the refreshment… as good as it is, too much honey can make a person sick! ;) But it is GREAT to not have to stop for school pick up for the summer! I love having you guys to hang out with! ♥ Michelle


Well you know I am not feeling refreshed right now….hence the guest post for my blog :). My hubby and I are planning a Staycation (sat at home vacation) sometime in the next couple of weeks. We are hoping everyone will feel refreshed. We actually do the bulk of our schooling from mid June to the end of October, so I need to get refreshed to start!! Our Staycation will likely consist of lots of pool time and snowcones as we live in Texas too! HOT is an understatement!!


I’ll be praying for refreshment for you over the next two weeks! I’ll email you the post this weekend! Thanks for the opportunity to guest post! And stay cool (if you can)! ♥ Michelle


Thanks for that honest, heartfelt post! I’m praying for spiritual refreshment too.

Stay cool this summer and hang on until Fall, it’s just around the corner. ;)


Thanks, Sue! ♥ Michelle

kelly hoosier

“Maybe I’ll try to remember to pray for spiritual refreshment each time I enter the cool, refreshing water of the pool or take a cool drink to quench the thirst that the summer heat has created.”

That paints such a beautiful picture!


Thanks, Kelly! And thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle


As a fellow southerner, I can relate to the heat issue. Not dry heat like where you are…it’s the humid heat that incidentally is TERRIBLE for my hair. But that’s beside the point. Anyway, I love your thoughts on seeking spiritual refreshment – so needed! I guess the best way I do that is alone-time. But as for physical refreshment – just bring on the air conditioning. :)


Oh, your poor hair! ;) Humid heat is the worst! And air conditioning is the best! ;)

Time alone is a GREAT way to find spiritual refreshment… now if I can find time alone…

(Love it when you comment, Jennifer!) ♥ Michelle


I agree, a lovely way to think about refreshing. I love the photo, by the way!

I am trying to make an effort to refresh myself this summer, because I never do…I am planning challenged. But, I agree with your thought process, I tend to view the Fall as my “new year”- Fall is my favorite season.


Oh, do I know planning challenged! I pray you are able to find refreshment (or at least able to hold out until the Fall refreshment comes)! ;) Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle

Btw, the photo was from flickr… they have such GREAT photos! :)


I am right there with you. Summer is not my favorite season as well because I do not like the heat. I do love fall too. I pray that you find refreshment this summer amidst the heat. It is nice to meet you. Joelle


Thanks, Joelle! It’s nice to meet you, too! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle

Betsy Henry

Thanks for your comment about regrets! I usually don’t think that way. As my oldest says, “It’s all good!” It’s all happening the way it’s supposed to!


I love your post on refreshing yourself.. Even as a non-homeschool mommy, the school year wears on you emotionally. It is so very busy. I can only imagine having my little ones at home and preparing lessons and trying to find time to refresh everyone.

Speaking of heat, I knew we were long lost sisters..I can barely stand the hot weather either. Maybe we are both of northern European blood :-) It gets hot in NC too, but the mountains are so nice. Come visit!


Aw, I love thinking of us as long lost sisters!! :) And I would LOVE to come visit (in the fall, of course ;) )!


Refresh. ahhhh. I’m imagining myself sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash, the sand is warm on my toes, the breeze blows through my hair, and the Word is swimming through my mind. Refreshed.


That sounds SO refreshing! Can I join you?? :)


counting the days. ;)


“Maybe I’ll try to remember to pray for spiritual refreshment each time I enter the cool, refreshing water of the pool or take a cool drink to quench the thirst that the summer heat has created.”

I LOVE this!!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday.


Thanks, Shannon! I enjoyed visiting your blog… I’ve been thinking about a summer bucket list quite a bit since. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle

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