A Roll on the Wild Side

by SomeGirl on February 19, 2010 · 8 comments

While customizing my twitter page I came across some fun photos from last summer. I thought I’d share them here. I was looking for some nice, large modern art for our den and a girlfriend suggested that I let the boys make the art by rolling around in paint on large canvases. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after we started we had so much fun! Below are pictures documenting our modern art project. The boys loved the experience and I LOVE my art (and the memories attached). Take a look:

It started out with the boys walking across the canvases with acrylic paint splattered in their tracks.

I put the canvases on a large tarp to protect the driveway, but encouraged one or two hand and foot prints on the concrete for memory’s sake.

The boys had fun mixing their own colors as well.

Soon they became comfortable enough with the paint to start rolling around in it. My girlfriend had suggested that they roll around naked, but my oldest was too modest for that and my youngest insisted on a diaper (better anyway since I wouldn’t have felt comfortable sharing the photos otherwise).

Here’s one of the proud artists with his finished product.

And the other artist looking like a finished product.

And here’s the final look… just what I was going for! Wait, make that BETTER than what I was going for!

I’ve had lots of people ask what kind of canvases I used… they were the simple, pre-stretched/framed canvases from any local art store. The boys were able to walk and roll on them with no problem. If you try this I would recommend guiding your children across the canvas near the end so as not to end up with a big, mucky, grey finished product. And wash them off quickly (particularly their hair)… I wished I had paid more attention to washing their hair… baby oil takes dried paint out, but NOTHING but time takes baby oil out!



I love the canvases! That is a great idea! Probably could have made a good Tip Tuesday!

Some Girl

Thanks, Stephanie! I had forgotten about Tip Tuesday already… Thanks for reminding me! :)


THAT LOOKED LIKE SO MUCH FUN….CAN I MAKE YOUR NEXT WALL ART BY DOING THE SAME THING…oh thats right…those type of things are only cute if a child does them not an adult…haha! Thanks for the awesome idea for when the wife and I have kiddos.

Some Girl

Yeah, there are LOTS of things that look really cute when a little one does them that wouldn’t look cute when we do them… but that being said: GO FOR IT! (Just at your own house) lol ;)

Erica Mueller

I love these!!! Ok, they look better than the modern art canvases I bought at WalMart. Maybe I can get my kid to help me make some this summer….

Some Girl

Thanks, Erica! And thanks for stopping by my blog… I feel very honored to have you here! :)

Tara McClenahan

LOVE the finished product!! Looks FANTASTIC!


Thanks, Tara! ♥ Michelle

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