Seeds Of Joy (Thought-Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on March 3, 2011 · 29 comments

Aaagh! We have weeds in our yard! Big, puffy, white weeds that, with the help of my littlest one, are being spread all over my yard!

As I watched those seeds (of weeds) go flying out of his hand and into the air I thought to myself, “Noooooo…. I don’t want more weeds in our yard!”

But I didn’t say anything.

Instead, I remembered a beautiful yellow bouquet handed ever-so-sweetly to me just a few days earlier.

I thought about the joy that a puffy dandelion can bring to a child’s face and the way those seeds were made just right to float and travel, spreading joy all around…

Then I quickly got up and ran to get my camera to capture and encourage more spreading of seeds (of joy) from my little, earth lovin’ boy’s sweet, dirt-covered hands. ;)

And I have a whole new perspective of those pesky weeds. Hopefully my neighbor’s will, too. ;)


Want to be a part of spreading some seeds of joy?

Join me in dropping LOVE on my sweet friend, Katie! (click here for more Love Drop information). It’s a wonderfully easy way to send some seeds flying! (aka Fraddling) :)

Something to think about.


Deb Chitwood

I LOVE your photos and thoughts about those lovely weeds, Michelle! Dandelions just bring too much joy to be all bad! And it’s great that you’re spreading the word about Love Drop. I’m keeping Katie in my thoughts and prayers.


When I was thinking about the seeds and showing my littlest one how they were made to fly away and spread, combined with the whole spreading joy thing, I thought about YOU! Seriously. You are a GREAT spreader of joy! :)

Deb Chitwood

That’s SO SWEET, Michelle! I’m honored! :)


Your photos are beautiful….oh, those weeds!

Last summer, I had a garden…two…20*20 and I was determined to go organic…and the weeds, the bugs…they came and made it so difficult on those hot/sweaty days….and then….I thought about the weeds in my heart and how God lovingly pulls them out one by one….and I wasn’t ‘angry’ pulling them anymore….I looked at the vegetables on the vines near them….and gently pulled the weeds….hmmm…thanks for helping me remember that, today as God continues to pull more and more out of my heart….painfully, yet lovingly!


Oh, I LOVE that!! Would you be interested in guest posting it one of these thought-provoking Thursdays?? :)


I love watching the dandelion seeds being blown. Something so peaceful and serene with watching them and the wonder of children as they watch.


I so wish I could have captured that well with the camera… :)


(The actual blowing of the dandelion, that is.)

Cranberry Morning

What a sweet post. There’s more to life than a weed-free yard. The memory of that joy on your child’s face and those sweet hands giving you the bouquet will be more precious to you than any patch of grass without dandelions.


Spoken with such wisdom! That needs to be written on a plaque… “There’s more to life than a weed-free yard.”


I remember how much I loved blowing those as a child! :)

Love the pictures that you captured, and that you realized that despite the spreading of weeds, that it was a moment of joy! :)

I have a sweet picture of my oldest son, when he was about 3, reaching up to hand me a hand full of dandelions with his dirty little hands, his rubber boots on, and a big smile across his face. It is one of my favorites!


I can see that picture in my mind’s eye and it’s adorable! :)

Alicia The Snowflake

It’s amazing how much children love those little flowers. I love your perspective my friend. Now I’ll think of you next time I see a dandelion ;)


Aw, that makes me smile. :) Thanks, Alicia!


I have only ever half-heartedly stopped my girls from blowing the puffy flowers. I’ve never really understood the disdain for dandelions. They are pretty and they are only weeds because someone decided they were. God made them beautiful, especially in a little ones hands.

Btw, totally jealous you have flowers. We have snow and cold. High of 29 today.

I couldn’t find where to link my post so here is the one that I deem thought provoking:


High of 29?!! Come visit me and warm yourself up! :)

LOVE your perspective on dandelions (and that it came naturally). :) I’m a slow learner. ;)


Great way to look at it! Lately my husband and I have been reminding ourselves, and each other, to remember what’s important. A few weeds vs. the joy of a child is an easy choice!


Remember what’s important… What a great reminder (and a great idea for a blog post)! Ever want to guest blog? :)

Jamie (@va_grown)

Those are such great photos! Ah…the masses of weed “bouquets” I sneak into the trashcan after bedtime in the spring and fall! :)


Haha… I can totally relate. Thanks, Jamie!

Betsy at Zen Mama

I love dandelions! There are so many wonderful activities to do with them. I am definitely going to write a post about them. And your pictures are wonderful!!!! You just get better and better.


Awww… thanks, Betsy!! I thought about you so much today… Thinking of all the neat things I’ve learned from you! Thank you!


That post was full of fraddle. And your linky – thought provoking thursday – maybe someday I’ll join in :)


Your post from today would be a great one to link up! All you have to do is enter it, no linking back necessary. :)


You know what they say … one woman’s weeds, are the same woman’s flowers … :) Loved this! What a great Thursday meme. :)


Love that! Thanks for linking up and taking the time to comment! :)

Polish Mama on the Prairie

I miss my kids having dirty muddy hands. Winter is finally leaving us, thank god. I can’t wait for Spring and muddy jeans and shoes and dandelions and my kids picking tiny little forget-me-nots in bouquets and chasing ants across the sidewalk. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

What beautiful pictures!
Thanks for entering my birdhouse giveaway!


What a great post with beautiful pictures. I also have to say that last wk I read tea time from Monday a few times and I couldn’t come up with the words to respond. But it is a beautiful post, I will say that.

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