Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

by SomeGirl on January 3, 2012 · 3 comments

Happy New Year, my sweet friends!

I hope Santa was good to you and brought some fun things to play with…

I’m so happy to report my sweet husband gave me a new 50mm lens to replace the one I broke a few posts ago (thank you, Honey!!). I’m sure you’ll see and hear much more about it in future posts (especially when we dive into aperture a little more deeply).

I had in mind to make a video for today’s post but time, cooking, sensory processing therapy, house issues, and an emerging case of the hormonal grumpies got the best of me… ;) I’ll shoot for having a video with next week’s photography Wednesday post.

For today I’d like to encourage you to get your camera out, carry it with you everywhere you go this week. And shoot, shoot, shoot!

Take pictures of everything that goes on… inside, outside, in the car (just make sure you’re stopped or someone else is driving). ;)

You might even try sticking your camera up in the air and clicking the shutter release without looking. You’ll definitely get a smile or two…

and you just might end up with a neat shot! :)

Now, go have some FUN and get really comfortable with your camera (your new best friend and photographic secretary… documenting all of the wonderful blessing you’ve been given in life)!

Please join me next Wednesday when I’ll share a super easy way to move off the Auto setting on your DSLR… after that post (and hopeful video) you’ll never shoot in Auto again!




Betsy at Zen Mama

Happy New Year, Michelle!! Great shots!!

Gail Debenport

I saw these pictures and noticed that I was in two of them. I thought, my goodness, Michelle is remembering how I taught Steve about photography when he was in Boy Scouts and that seed once planted grew into a full time career in istock photography; how he was able to quit his day job and provide such a handsome living for her and their children and take the family on a two month road trip across America. What a wonderful life, all because of sweet Aunt Gail. As I was pondering this I looked back at those two pictures and it hit me, Eli was in both of those pictures. This sweet and precious little four year old had upstaged his “dear ole aunt.”


Haha… you make me smile, Aunt Gail! The truth is the original picture was of you inspiring me to lift my camera in the air and shoot as you were doing the same. The second picture was a surprisingly good picture of you, Fred and Eli taken while my camera was up in the air. So… you really were the subject of the photos (and I am SO thankful you taught Steve photography)! xoxo

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