Some Canada photos, Eh?

by SomeGirl on July 29, 2011 · 7 comments

Wow! Banff and Jasper were just as BEAUTIFUL as we had heard! I have so many photos to share I’m going to break Canada pictures into 2 or 3 posts. :)

Here are some photos from our time crossing the border into Canada through Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho (which was absolutely LOVELY and we wish we had remembered we had some sweet friends to be met there! Just means we have to go back again soon, right?). ;)

We made it in, started our boys’ stamp collection, read up a bit on camping with bears, and sat amazed at the beauty surrounding us.

The town of Banff, inside Banff National Park, was a cute, fun, expensive stop, but well worth it (especially since they had one of the towns only two laundry mats). ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, it was FREEZING or near freezing during the day (45*) and at night (41*). We heard it was quite unusual for this time of year. We knew we were going to be escaping the Texas heat, but didn’t plan on winter weather. My littlest one and I found ways to stay warm, and we ended up with some new sweaters and hats to take home. ;)

We found another nice way to stay warm… a hot spring pool on the side of a mountain did quite the job, even in the cold rain. :)

On one of our days in Banff National Park we ventured out to Lake Loiuse. The water really was as aqua-blue as the photo in the bottom right… it was amazing!

There were canoes to rent and even though the water was ICE COLD and I was a little concerned our boys might cause us to tip, we rented one for an hour.

I reached my camera up over my head and shot these two pictures…

I couldn’t see behind me, but when I looked through my photos I thought it was so funny that we were all taking pictures at the same time! :)

But, you can see why here…

This was our view in front of the canoe…

… and in back.

Aside from the cold weather, shopping, camping and canoeing, there were lots of other opportunities to explore nature….

And even more opportunities to marvel at God’s creation!

And that was just in Banff! I’ll be back with more with more photos from our time in Canada very soon! :)


Cranberry Morning

Wow! These are the first photos that have ever made me really want to visit Banff. How beautiful! And the Mountie looks lots cooler than Dudley Do-Right. :-) (Okay, he’s from another generation. Ask an old person.) lol


Those pictures are beautiful Michelle! I hope that I get to see you and hear all about your trip before I leave.



We only live a few hours away from Jasper… it truly is lovely!
Just got back from hiking the “Skyline trail” there and plan on running a half-marathon in Banff this September. I feel so blessed to have such majestic scenery so close to home.
Glad to hear you are enjoying the beauty of our country! :)


So beautiful!

mountain mama

oh, i’m lovin’ those mountain pics!! breathtaking!


Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful!


Glad you enjoyed your trip to my home province! I’ve enjoyed looking through your pictures and seeing it through the eyes of a tourist!

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