Sometimes I Feel Like (A Little Attempt At Poetry)

by SomeGirl on February 8, 2011 · 16 comments

I got in the shower this morning to warm up and to “get away.”

While I was there I had the thought, “I want to quit my job!”

You know what job I’m talking about, right? The job that involves cooking, cleaning, laundry, teaching, listening, caring, pleading…

Being a stay-at-home mom.

Then I started thinking about how fickle I am, how my thoughts and feelings change and I began to meditate on the constants of God, his faithfulness and provision.

I was reminded in my thoughts of Esther and her placement in her position for “such a time as this.”

Then I made a super cheesy attempt at poetry that I thought I’d share here as a post, but quickly decided not to!

But, since most of you know that I like to share embarrassing things (like dirty laundry piles), I figured why not write an intro about how cheesy the poem is and then share it. ;) How’s that sound?

So, here you have it. My was-going-to-share-it-wasn’t-going-to-share-it-changed-my-mind-back-to-sharing-it-cheesy poem (quite fitting title actually).

Sometimes I Feel Like…

Sometimes I feel like…

Quitting my job,
Pulling my hair out,
Being lazy,
Just sitting on the couch.

Doing nothing,
Doing more,
Living here forever,
Moving to Ecuador.

Indulging all my wants,
Sacrificing for other’s needs,
Doing all for the Glory of God,
Doing all for the glory of me.

Homeschooling my sweet boys,
Sending them off to get a BREAK,
Being real and genuine,
Sometimes being fake.

Hugging and not letting go,
Pushing others away,
Going wherever God leads,
Asking Him to let me stay.

Blogging to get my thoughts out,
Tweeting everything I think,
Giving it all up,
Laying it down before my King.

But always I am thankful
God remains the same,
He is never changing,
His promise I can claim.*


Man, I’m just not satisfied with those last few lines… The part about God remaining the same.*

Hey, I just had an idea! Write your alternate ending to this poem and share it below in the comment section. I’ll choose my favorite and post it later this week! Doesn’t that sound kind of FUN?! :) Unless of course I’m the only one who ever feels this way, and then it’s not fun at all. ;) (Tell me I’m not the only one, please!)

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. –
James 1:17


crayon wrangler

But always I am thankful,
God remains the same.
He calms the wishy-washy me,
In my quest to stay somewhat sane.


LOVE it and LOVE that you joined in the fun! :)


I love your poem! And I’m worse at it, but here’s my shot:

But always I am thankful
God’s love remains the same,
His promise never changing,
On my soul He has laid claim.

Lame, but there it is… :)


Yay! I’m SO glad you joined in! :) I LOVE your ending and the idea of Him laying claim to my soul… you are SO not lame or worse than me! :)

Cranberry Morning

Actually, I think your ending stanza is perfect. He IS never changing. It is true, so I vote for your initial poem. :-)


You’re so supportive, Judy! Thanks! Btw, we’re thinking of going to Oshkosh at the end of July for the airshow… Are you anywhere near there? :)


I think your poem is great!

And I needed to read the “such a time as this”…you are the second person to remind me of Esther today. I’m thinking He might be trying to tell me something. ;)


Thanks, Josanna! Isn’t it weird when that happens? I’ve heard so much about coming up with Core Values lately that I’m starting to think He might be telling me something. ;) Praying our ears and hearts will be open to His teaching! {hugs}

Gail Debenport

It’s important to know when to stop. Take the last two lines off. You’ve already made your point. (I liked it Michelle, interesting food for thought and I imagine most young mothers can relate.)


Thanks, Gail! I hadn’t even thought about taking something off… Great advice! Less is more, right? (I could probably stand to apply that advice in lots of areas of my life.) ;)

It’s SO nice to have you around here! xoxo

Stephanie, The Candid Pastor's Wife

I’m impressed you came up with that while warming up in the shower! And maybe I’m a little jealous at your skillz. :)


Lol! Did you see Water Boy with Adam Sandler? I got what de call da poem writin’ skillz. ;) (Hope you saw it, otherwise that probably just sounds weird.) ;)


I’m glad God is always the same. Could you imagine if he were like us? We could never know what was coming. I’ve attempted to quit my job several times (and that was just today!)

Sure makes me think though. If my kids fear what is next….rather than rest in the peace of a consistent, never-changing, love they would be free. I know we are called to be perfect like our Heavenly Father is perfect. At times this spurs me on. At times I feel like quiting before it gets worse. It depends on who I’m listening to…the good Goofy or the bad Goofy. Do you remember that cartoon? To think, God and the Devil portrayed as meaningless cartoon characters.

Thanks for loving us enough to share your struggles.


You’re so sweet, Heather! Thanks for loving me enough to share that you struggle, too! I hope the days have been better, they have here (thanks be to God and Steve)!

And YES I totally remember that movie! Wasn’t it shown in Driver’s Ed? Great example of our human nature! I am SO thankful God remains the same and doesn’t change like us (or like Goofy)!

Love you, Girl!


Michelle, I love your poem! Bravo to you for putting yourself out there and being willing to share an original creative work that you were afraid might be cheesy! (I know the feeling…cough, my youtube videos, cough) But here’s the thing – it was not cheesy at all. In fact, it’s just right just like it is. It came from your heart and your honesty – and we can all relate. Kudos.


Great poem! I’m too tired to think of an alternative. I do find though with poetry that the initial version often ends up being best!

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