Sometimes it takes dark clouds…

by SomeGirl on September 14, 2011 · 26 comments

As I was driving home yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous the sky was.

The sun was shining through in such a brilliant display and it made me think…

Sometimes it takes “dark clouds” in life to draw our eyes to the Glory and Majesty of God.

Something to think about.


Deb Chitwood

So true, Michelle … those types of skies do look like a glimpse into heaven! Talking about “dark clouds” also makes me think of bad weather that gives us extra appreciation for sunny days. It’s always nice to know that dark times aren’t all dark, and God has the power to transform those times.


The verse in ACTs 14 that says…through much suffering/tribulation we must enter into the Kingdom of God.

GOOD STUFF…beautiful picture!!


His light shines brightest in our darkness!! I LOVE the picture and thought today! Many blessings!

jean Wise

I love the lessons in the clouds. Looking up each day lifts my spirit. Great photo and post. Glad I found you.


So nice to meet you, Jean! You want to know something weird?? That’s me in your header! How crazy is that??

I look forward to getting to know you! Thanks for linking up! ♥ Michelle

jean Wise

You ARE in my header. That is wild. I hire a group – Temeke Studio – to do the blog. Never thought I would link up with an image they sent me several years ago. wow. I think that is so cool.


Crazy, hu?! I saw the button and thought, “Hey, that’s me!” :) That was one of the first shoots to put us in the direction of living off my husband’s stock photo sales… glad they bought it! And what a FUN coincidence! (or divine appointment.) ;)


amazing photography, Michelle!

Devotion Mama

Love that picture! And the thoughts that go with it.


Oh that picture does seem to say just that — the dark clouds lead us to Jesus. What a blessing that reminder is to me this afternoon.



Thanks for the encouraging comments, sweet friends! I promise I’m going to make time to reply to everyone soon… xoxoxo

Cranberry Morning

That is so true. God uses circumstances to get our attention.


Beautiful! What an AMAZING picture!


WoW! that is amazing!!! Yes, it certainly does! Thanks for sharing =)


Hello, I am visiting for the first time and have enjoyed reading your previous posts. I love the last line on your post, “Sometimes it takes “dark clouds” in life to draw our eyes to the Glory and Majesty of God”. I have been there and it is the memory of those dark clouds followed by His graceful Mercy that keeps me grounded when things are not going well. In the end His love is the only thing that is certain in this life.


So glad you stopped by, Maria! And thank you for that wonderful reminder that it’s His faithful love and graceful mercy that keep us grounded and secure… so true!


This is so true, I love this! Reminds me of what one of my favorite authors N.D. Wilson said similar to this: some ask why God would include all those gritty, unpleasant bits in life, when He could easily just erase them and make life all light. But we would never ask Ansel Adams to remove all those dark bits from his photographs so that they could be more beautiful! The darkness is what makes the light that much more stunning!


What a good example! It’s the dark bits that make the photos/life so much more beautiful… thank you for that!



martha brady

will you forgive me for entering on saturday? will i ever get caught up? did i miss a code for the couch? i made a link for the photo but i don’t have it linked. i’ll look again. m


You’re welcome to link up anytime!

I need to get code for the couch up on a page of its own… you didn’t miss it; it’s just not out there yet. :)

Gayle from Behind the Gate

Hello, I just stumbled upon you through the blog hop and thought I would link up. I am a little late, but oh well…
What a lovely blog, with many of my same interests. I will have to look around. Love the picture of the clouds!


So glad to see you here, Gayle! We link up thought-provoking posts every Thursday, I’d love to have you join us whenever you’d like! (Your photos are beautiful, btw!)


Beautiful post. Definitely something to think about. Thank you.


I linked up to the thought provoking Thursday for the 22nd.. but I had to just stop and say I am so moved by this picture, but even more by the words beneath it. “Sometimes it takes “dark clouds” in life to draw our eyes to the Glory and Majesty of God.” Wow.. if that doesn’t hit the nail on the head, I just can’t seem to get out from under the dark clouds but I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to draw closer to Him.

Thank you for this!


Praise God for the opportunities to draw closer to Him! I’ll be praying that the dark clouds lift soon, but most importantly that you see His glory and majesty clearly and brightly while they’re here! Love, Michelle

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