I Think I Can, I Think I Can

by SomeGirl on April 15, 2010 · 8 comments

Well, it’s official! We’re doing something I’ve wanted to do for some time… we’re making a SUNFLOWER MAZE in our back yard! The seeds are in the ground! I have wanted to have a “children’s garden” with something like this, or a bamboo maze or pea-pod tent for awhile. I’ve just never taken the time or been very good at remembering to water things, but I finally decided to just do it! And I feel much more confident in my watering discipline… not to mention, I’m hoping sunflowers are pretty heat tolerant, I mean they grow out in those unwatered pastures all summer…. right?

We’re also starting a vegetable garden with carrots, lettuce, beans and red jalapenos… thanks to Poppy! Hopefully, there will be lots of vegetables to use for my Vegan experiment… btw, if you’re curious how the first day went check it out here at Once a Week Vegan. :) It was surprisingly easy to do… but I missed one little detail!

Ooops! I wrote this and then went to do something else when I remembered that it’s: Thought Provoking Thursday! So, here’s the thought I want to provoke… what’s something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile that you’ve just been putting off? Why not go ahead and do it (or start it) today?

Btw, have I ever told you how much I appreciate YOU being here!? I’m REALLY glad you are! ♥ Did you know you can stay up-to-date with new posts by subscribing here?

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ooohhh….ooohhh….oohhhh….. I’m jealous now! Just might have to start that tepee (from last year) this weekend!!!! Hooray!

Some Girl

Yes, DO!!!

Rachel Pereira

That sounds SO fun, and I bet it’ll be very pretty!!! =) Great idea!

Some Girl

Thanks, Rachel!! :)


Wow! A sunflower maze! You’ll have to share pictures at some point!

One thing I’ve been putting off – hmmmm – I’ve been putting off about 12 things! I better pick one and do something about it!

As always – great post, Michelle!

Some Girl

Girl, you’ve got a lot of things to get to! ;) lol I’ll share pics of whatever turns out… and thanks for the sweet end note! ♥

Betsy Henry zen-mama.com

One year we planted masses of Sunflowers in honor of my father-in-law who had just passed away. It was amazing in August when they were all blooming. I’ll look forward to seeing some pictures!!

Some Girl

That’s SO neat! Btw, I thought about you when I posted this. :)

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