Sunflowers and Changing Tadpoles

by SomeGirl on June 22, 2010 · 16 comments

Thought you might like to see a little update on our Sunflower maze and tadpoles

Our sunflowers are growing like crazy and starting to bloom,

and our tadpoles are sprouting legs! It’s amazing to see!

I hope you can make it back tomorrow for Thought Provoking Thursday… I was thinking A LOT yesterday and already wrote the post. But watch out! It carries the warning: “Enter at your own risk.”

Btw, it was SO much fun to read your responses to Monday’s Sweet Reader Award! Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions! ♥ Michelle

Glad to be taking part in:




Wow! Those sunflowers are big! They are going to be absolutely georgeous when then open up!

Cute tadpoles!!

Sarah Jessica

I love sunflowers…tadpoles, not so much. My daughter planted some sunflowers at grandma’s and is always excited to see how tall they are getting. I’m loving this iFellowship, blessings!

Cranberry Morning

Those are wonderful photos! Can’t wait to check back often and see how the tadpoles are doing! Your sunflower photo is especially beautiful!

Rachel Pereira

The sunflowers sure are getting big!!! I just love them!!! Have a great iFellowship day, friend!!


Oh, I love the sunflowers. I really wanted to plant some this year, but with our move I couldn’t do it. Hopefully next year. Can’t wait to see them in full bloom.


Wow, the sunflowers look great. It must be exciting to watch them grow.
Visiting today from iFellowship.


Thank you for your kindness with the award. I love getting to know you better too. xxx


Fabulous flowers and freaky tadpoles – a winning combination! LOL

Seeds of Faith

Happy iFellowship Day to you! Thank you so much for joining us. :)


I love sunflowers when they are new! And the tadpoles must be fun to watch – reminding me of when my brother and I used to go down to the creek and bring a few home in a jar. Fun times.


Oh, my boys would LOVE to go down to the creek and bring tadpoles home… I bet those were fun times!

I’m so glad you stopped by! Hope to see you here again! ♥ Michelle


Your own tadpoles! How cool! The sunflowers are doing great.


Thanks, I thought they were totally cool, too! Our neighbor gave them to us and I was so excited. :)

Now, I’m on my way to see how your garden is going! ♥ Michelle

the inadvertent farmer

What fun to watch tadpoles develop! Your sunflowers are lovely, and so much farther along than ours…sunflowers don’t dig rain too much! Great post, fun to see the boys with their sunflowers…pretty soon they’ll be looking up at them!


Thanks, Kim! Although I think I need to do some sunflower research… the first set of Mammoth seeds are about 3′ tall and the others (black sunflower seeds) are starting to bloom at 12″ … I don’t think we’re going to have much of a maze with short flowers.

Do you happen to have any suggestions? :)

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