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Happy Friday everyone!  Or, should I say, welcome to another Fraddling Friday.

My guys

I once tweeted:  #Parenthoodis a muddy, sticky, bug-n-critter-filled life full of joy, laughter, hugs, scraped knees, sloppy kisses and love. I’ve been blogging about the fun and crazy things my boys do over at i LOVE you, but you’re driving me CRAZY!! for a couple of years. Most often I think of fraddling for those little boys who own my heart.   Or I think about fraddling for my friends (which  more often than not is also something for myself, too.)  I’ve not been very good at spreading the love past those somewhat self-centered boundaries.

So, for this Fraddling Friday, I’m encouraging you to think about all the different ways and kinds of fraddle there are.  Fraddle for your kids, your husband, your friends, your self, for God, for strangers, other family members, for the less fortunate.  ANY kind of fraddle is good fraddle.  Big or little.  Some Girl’s mission is to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds…to live and love intentionally.”  I think of fraddle as showing your love, and spreading joy to someone.  To fraddle is to put into practice  1 John 3:18  “… let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

Here are some of the ways I fraddled this week:

Finally, spring is here!

** The boys and I went exploring at some nearby, but new-to-us,  parks and nature centers.  They had a blast, and I snuck in a little bit of photography of the budding flowers and trees, which brings me such joy!  (see, I told you it’s usually about the boys and I! )

** I fought a secret war against evil.  Okay, okay, it’s not that dramatic, really, but I like to secretly, randomly, pray for someone.   Like the jogger who waved in thanks as I drove by giving him a wide berth.  “Dear Lord, please protect him on his run, and bless him in whatever way You know he is needing it the most.”   Or, a couple of months ago, at the grocery, when a very kind gentleman employee told me to get in my car out of the biting cold wind, and that he would load my groceries in the trunk for me.  At Walmart!  Tell me how many times you’ve ever seen that! “Dear Lord, Please bless this man, and please send people to him to return this kindness to him many times over.”

** Tonight, I’ll be spending hours with girlfriends, putting together my oldest’s first grade scrapbook.  While I will probably wish I were in bed vegging in front of the TV, he will find great joy in seeing his hard work treasured and preserved.  He will have fun going through it and remembering the fun he had that year.

** I worked on the “friendship trail”, a little path from our house to Some Girl’s, that makes it easier and safer, and now more beautiful,  for all of us to cross back and forth across our street.

** I did a little work on my project to collect PJ’s and Storybooks for kids in need.  (Kids who might not know the comforts of being tucked into a cozy bed and read a bedtime story each night.)  Bedtime and storytime is one of my fraddles for the boys, and it’s also one of my most treasured moments of the day.  All kids should have that. ( If you want to know more, check out  The Pajama Program at http://www.pajamaprogram.org )

** Tomorrow, we’re hosting a crawfish boil.  Not my first choice on how to spend a Saturday, but my husband loves it.   So, I’m fraddling for him, by getting the house ready, and being cheerful about Saturday’s plans, even though they make my introverted soul cringe, um, I mean fraddle!

How did you, (or will you),  fraddle this week?  Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading my guest post (my first time!) for Some Girl.  Michelle is a good friend and neighbor, and we not only share the same name (although you can call me Shell, to keep it less confusing), but we also both have two boys who are close in age and love to play together.

Come find me at my other blog, Percolating Practice, where I’m working on how to find balance in life.   I’m learning to just go with the flow, and let that be Good Enough. Come visit me sometime!



Jamie Anne

Great post! I love the random fight for others through prayer. I do this too, but usually for bad drivers I see on the road.
I also like to gift coupons to random people at the grocery store. If I see someone place an item in their cart that I have extra couons for, I like to offer them a coupon. It’s my random acts of fraddle for my fellow humans.


Thanks Jamie Anne! I love the coupon idea. What a great way to fraddle. I’ll have to remember that once I get my coupon-ing started up again.
Thanks again for the lovely comment. (Much better than a jelly bracelet!! ;) LOL).


True. Jelly bracelets are squishier
though. ;)


You’ve got me there! LOL.


Great post, Shell! That is so nice that you and Michelle are neighbors and that your children play together. Have a great time tonight with your girlfriends!

Most of my fraddling this week was with my little one but the week isn’t over yet…


Thank you for the kind comment! Fraddle for little ones is often the most fun, I think. Enjoy it while they’re little! I’m realizing they really do grow up too quickly!

April Robins

I am going to pass on the Pajama website. Thank you Michelle for bring this to my attention. When I was young, my parents were poor. But every now and then my Mother would buy me a new gown. I simply loved that gift. So glad that you posted today.

The other Michelle’s Mom

Some Girl

What a GREAT post!!! I love the secret war on evil and the way you encouraged us to think outside of ourselves/our children and to focus on others as well! I knew you’d do an awesome job!!! Thank you! – Michelle

(Everyone’s gone and the boys are asleep so I’m sneaking a little computer time before we watch a movie.) :)


hmm… it’s been a long week, so I have to think a little. i did the usual stuff, played, cooked, cleaned. i also got the chance to have friends over and take a meal to a new (again) mommy!

Your babies are so precious! Great post :)


April, thanks so much for the kind comment. I’m glad to know the Pajama Program has another supporter. It breaks my heart to think of kids missing out on the basic childhood memory of comfy jammies and a good bedtime story.

SomeGirl, Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you liked it, and I’m so thankful you asked me to post! THANK YOU!

Michelle, Thanks for the comment and compliment on my boys. Glad you got to take a meal to someone and meet a new baby this week. What better fraddle could there be?


Hey ~
I found your blog on the attendees list for the Relevant Conf. this fall. I just thought I’d stop by and check it out!! Hope to meet you soon!!

Some Girl

Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you in October and getting to know you before then… I’ll visit you over at your blog as soon as I settle in from our camping trip. And thanks for taking the time to comment! I hope you’ll come back! ♥ Michelle

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