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Family Fraddling Friday

by SomeGirl on June 3, 2011 · 5 comments

Ha, try saying that title ten times fast. ;) Want a little peek into our family fraddling this week (as seen through my sweet husband’s iPhone)? :) We’ve had a lot of good times together… Our  first trip to the pool on a beautiful day, remembering those who have served our country, testing out our […]

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(playing in the radio of my mind – James Brown – I Feel Good) Woo-Hoo!! We’re FREE!! It’s the official start of summer vacation here and I’m LOVING it!! Want to know what GREAT plans we have for the first day of our break?? NOTHING!! Doesn’t that sounds DIVINE??!! I made the mistake of homeschooling […]

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Our Favorite Kind Of Fraddling

by SomeGirl on February 15, 2011 · 22 comments

We’ve had some BEAUTIFUL weather around here the past few days! Just right for fraddling around in one of our favorite ways with some of our FAVORITE people. We didn’t catch anything, but we sure did have a GREAT time! Hope you’ve had some nice fraddling times lately… If not, today would be a GREAT […]

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A Shift of Focus (Saturday Snapshots)

by SomeGirl on February 5, 2011 · 9 comments

Do you ever have the feeling that your prayers aren’t being heard? Like the ceiling is stopping your prayers from rising to the ears of God? I’ll be honest, I did just yesterday. All day long I had this haunting feeling… a feeling like something was wrong… like there was a disconnect between God and […]

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Cookie School

by SomeGirl on January 12, 2011 · 30 comments

After meeting with a speech and language pathologist last Friday and discovering that my extremely bright, oldest son has some language and memory issues that have been exasperated by the great FRUSTRATION involved in learning to read, I set about to make a change in the way we do things around here. After a lot […]

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What Happens In Texas

by SomeGirl on January 10, 2011 · 12 comments

Want to see what goes on around here between posts? :) We take advantage of the membership my sweet sister (and brother)-in-love gave us to The Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth. We LOVE that place! We celebrate cousins’ birthdays complete with balloon art. We go with friends to play dodgeball. And we […]

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