God whispers

Doing My Job Means Ignoring You

by Guest blogger on March 15, 2010 · 18 comments

I’ve always shaken my slightly pretentious head at people who wasted hours on Facebook, since I’ve managed to avoid the time-sucking aspects of it pretty well. Recently, I launched the blog I’d been mentally planning for ages, started ‘tweeting’ new people on Twitta’ and quickly morphed into “one of those people.” It felt great to […]

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Giving it Away (update on the Found Money)

by SomeGirl on February 8, 2010

Wow, it’s feels like forever since I found the $50 and started thinking and praying about how to show love to others with it. Well, here’s the update… I knew God wanted me to “give it away” and I thought I heard God’s whisper to “give it to the church.”  So, I had talked with […]

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So, I woke up with 2 God whispered thoughts this morning… I was having a bad dream about someone and was woken up with the thought, “She’s good enough… She’s nice… Be kind to her.” Then the second thought was, “Get up.” (more on that God whispered thought here). So, both got me thinking and […]

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Get up (A God Whispered Thought)

by SomeGirl on February 4, 2010

I wasn’t ready to wake up this morning but I kept being nudged  with a God whispered thought to “Get up.” Every time I  tried to sleep just a little bit more the thought came, “Get up.” Finally I listened and wondered if there might be a reason I needed to get up. So, I  […]

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What’s going on…

by SomeGirl on February 1, 2010

Well, here’s what has gone on in my head and heart so far concerning the $50 I found…. Yesterday I woke up with the thought, “Give it away.” As one of my best friends says, “God whispers His thoughts to our thoughts.” It definitely seems like a God whispered thought. My first instinct, as an […]

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