great time

Last week I read a WONDERFUL thought-provoking and action-spurring post by a friend that said, “Is there something specific that you tend to do more of during the holiday season? Perhaps it is an extra visit to a family member, a delivery to a favorite local charity or taking the extra two minutes to help someone carry […]

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Hanging Out at the Hotel Pool

by SomeGirl on June 14, 2010 · 8 comments

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the week!  We had a great time together at the hotel for a church conference. Turns out the conference started earlier than the boys and I were ready to go (or even wake up) so my husband went and let us hang out […]

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We had a GREAT time “camping” last week. We stayed in a nice cabin just across the road and down a little path from Mimi and Poppy. The boys had SO much fun playing with their cousins and exploring the woods. I love the freedom they can experience at a private camp ground. There was […]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

by SomeGirl on February 18, 2010

The kitchen is a mess, there are toys on the living room floor, a pile of laundry by the washing machine and I’m sitting next to a bag of groceries that needs to be put away… but I spent some great time with my boys at the zoo today, fraddling around with them. We went […]

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Midnight blogger (unplugged day)

by SomeGirl on February 2, 2010 · 4 comments

It’s not quite midnight yet, but I have learned that I blog best after 10pm… which means I end my writing, researching, reading, surfing, whatnot, blogging sometime around midnight. (Which is probably good since my boys who are 7 and 2  need some mommy interaction during the day.) I unplugged for the most part of […]

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One person’s Fraddle…

by SomeGirl on January 21, 2010

We had family friends stay over yesterday and last night and had such a great time with them. We have such similar interests that there was never a lack of words. Our children are right around the same age and played wonderfully with each other. It was a full blown hang out slumber party (with […]

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