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Laundry Art (Decorative I Spy)

by SomeGirl on July 7, 2010 · 48 comments

A little over a year ago I saw a picture of a friend’s “Laundry Art” and thought it was the GREATEST idea! She saves everything she finds in her dryer and adds it to a collage on a bulletin board in her laundry room. Since reading that, I’ve been collecting things I’ve found in a […]

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Helpful tips from “MacGyver Moms” Like You

by SomeGirl on February 11, 2010 · 1 comment

Last night my husband and I were watching a DVD from the local Family video when it started skipping like crazy! I remembered hearing a tip about scratched DVDs so I looked it up and, believe it or not, here’s the link I found… MacGyver Tip: Smooth a scratched DVD with Pledge. Now, I’m not […]

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