Connecting the Dots

by SomeGirl on July 13, 2010 · 20 comments

“I believe in a Divine God that connects dots. I’m a dot. You’re a dot. He draws a line between you and me and we are connected.”  – Kristen at We are THAT Family I had a page sitting open waiting to be read [dot] that was suggested by Jessica at Reflections of a Princess […]

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So, I said I’d see you Monday and it looks like I lied. We’re back from the hotel… the boys are asleep in their  beds, my husband is upstairs getting some household finances done, and I’m putting off doing the dishes and laundry and surfing the internet. While surfing I found a new blog and […]

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What is Happening to Me????!!

by SomeGirl on May 25, 2010 · 23 comments

Who knew becoming a blogger would make me a READER!!!??? I just found ANOTHER great book from a blog tour at 29 Lincoln Avenue… I don’t know whether to thank Stacey for the free download of One Million Arrows Chapter 1 or to curse her for adding another book to my growing “Must Read” list!! […]

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This week’s fraddle all started on Twitter when I read someone’s “tweet” about donating their swagbucks to Nashville Flood relief. Swagbucks will convert your bucks to dollars then donate them directly to the Nashville Red Cross. It’s a relatively low conversion rate of .07cents per buck, but it all adds up if lots of us […]

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Our Story – 7 Days of Love

by SomeGirl on April 26, 2010 · 13 comments

Three months after my husband and I “stopped preventing”  our oldest son was conceived. 8 months later he was born. He was a little early (4 weeks), but healthy. He spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the hospital and was then sent to his home. He had no Mommy or Daddy to […]

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7 Days of Love

by SomeGirl on April 26, 2010

There are so many links in today’s post and I’d HIGHLY recommend you visit them… they’re the words that are in a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the text (they’ll open in a new window so you can keep reading here). I am SO excited to be a part of a GREAT event […]

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