A Garden and Sunflower Maze Update

by SomeGirl on May 14, 2010 · 9 comments

I finally have something to share about our garden and our sunflower maze! I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking… Our onions are coming up! Our peas are going strong. The sunflowers from the seeds we planted are now peeking above the weeds. And, to our surprise, we found wild strawberries growing under […]

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Valentine’s Day Tradition for Children

by SomeGirl on February 6, 2010

Now, I’m not a big gushy-mushy valentine’s person, but there is a part of the day that I remember with great fondness… As a child, I LOVED waking up to find some special surprise outside my door (usually a heart shaped box of chocolates with some fun character on the front). I enjoyed that so […]

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Found Money (doing good with it)

by SomeGirl on January 30, 2010

I was finding a place for everything and getting rid of junk a couple of days ago and found an old Dave Ramsey FPU organizer…. I opened it up and thought, “Wouldn’t that be cool if there was money in here…” and tucked away in the first envelope was a crisp, new $50 bill (well, […]

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by SomeGirl on January 29, 2010 · 1 comment

I was reading a blog on How to Make Sweet Tea and was SO surprised when I read that the author was “in the boys room fraddling and being silly…” That’s the second time I’ve heard “fraddling” used by someone else and I just LOVE it! I love that people are starting to use the […]

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