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by SomeGirl on January 23, 2011 · 22 comments

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that I let something so BIG and NEAT and EXCITING sneak up on me without doing even one thing to prepare!!

I don’t think I’ve even mentioned it here!

Did I tell you I’m going to a WONDERFUL blogger conference at the BEAUTIFUL Gaylord Hotel in Tennessee this week??!

I am THRILLED to be going and am looking forward to seeing some of my sweet, sweet friends from The Relevant Conference this past October and meeting some new friends!!

And I’m SUPER EXCITED about spending an extra day/night at the hotel (which is AMAZING) with my AWESOME husband to celebrate our 12th anniversary!

We fly out early Wednesday morning together and he’ll meet up with some stock photographers and friends in Nashville while I “get my bliss on” with lots of GREAT bloggers!!

Did I mention I’m excited?! ;)

But now the work begins (although it really should have begun weeks ago)… Laundry, packing, hair cut/style, business cards(?), teaching, appointments, grocery shopping (the boys are staying home with my parents- Thanks Mom and Dad!)…

There’s a lot to be done in these two days!

So, while I’m out getting some last minute things done, I thought this would be a nice time to introduce you to a few of my blogging friends.

Feel free to “talk amongst yourselves” (and visit some new blogs) while I go get my hair done and bags packed!

I’ll be back soon! :)



(Would my sweet blogging friends please link your blogs below so I can introduce you to my sweet readers? I know they’d LOVE to get to know you and you them! Thanks!)


Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

How great that you’ll be attending the Blissdom Conference! And even better that you get a special 12th Anniversary celebration! Have an amazing time, Michelle! :)


Thanks, Deb! Wish you were going… I’d LOVE to see you!!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire

Turning green with envy! Can’t wait to hear about it – I am ABSOLUTELY going next year!

What a great way to combine a time away with your hubs, too! Travel safely and have a great time, Michelle!


I hope it’s as neat as I imagine! If so, I’ll look forward to going with you next year!! :) Thanks for linking up! I want everyone to meet my newest blogging friend!! :)


How fun! Hope you have a great time!! :)


Thanks, Sherry! I’m linking you up, btw. I want people to meet you if they haven’t! :)


I just heart you. And cannot wait to see you Saturday sweet friend!

Be safe & Happy Anniversary!


Aww, I heart you, too!! Cracker Barrel here we come!!! :)


I won’t be there :( but I’m linking up anyway. Have a fabulous time!


So sad you won’t be there, but SO glad you linked up! Thanks, Jamie!

Cranberry Morning

I hope you have a wonderful time! :-)


Thanks, Judy! Btw, I’m linking you up… Everyone needs to meet you, if they haven’t already! :)

Alicia The Snowflake

Linked! Can’t wait to see you in 2 days! Hugs to you my friend!


Yay! thanks for linking up! I want all my friends to meet you!! :) See you SOON!!!!

Betsy at Zen Mama

Have a fabulous time!!!!! We’ll miss you!


Thank you, Betsy!!

Becky @ Our Peaceful Home

All linked up! I can’t wait to see you TOMORROW!


It was SO nice to see you at Blissdom!! Love you, Girl! ♥


I’m quickly learning about all of the conferences I need to attend next year–and Blissdom is within driving distance, so I’ll have to do it!

Have a wonderful time at Blissdom and a romantic night with your hubby! I can’t wait to hear about it (the conference, that is)! ;)


Hahaha… your last line made me chuckle! ;)

I’d definitely recommend Blissdom, but I’d suggest you go expecting it to be more social than technical… I can fill you in more if you’d like! :)


Have fun! Relax AND enjoy!!!!


Thanks, Sheila! It was A LOT of fun!!

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