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The 40 year old Freshman

by SomeGirl on October 9, 2010 · 27 comments

I had an awkward situation the other day…  so awkward that in a matter of minutes this confident, talkative, friendly, outgoing person (me) was transported in some strange way to 1984… Freshman year… walking into my first DenTeen’s  meeting where the cool, confident Junior and Senior girls were assigned dorky, shy Freshman girls to befriend and mentor as they entered the unknown world of High School…

I don’t know about you, but that Freshman year was SO awkward! Trying to find my place in a new “world”…  It wasn’t until my Junior and Senior year that I felt like I had a handle on things (it probably helped that I was mascot and could  hide in a yellow jacket costume once a week). ;)

Now I find myself worrying about upcoming awkwardness… in 7 days I’m loading a plane with my family to head to The Relevant Conference for Christian women bloggers (with over 200 women I’ve never met before, many of whom are fairly new bloggers like me and others have been doing it for quite sometime). And I find myself feeling like a 40 year old  Freshman going off  to my first high school “DenTeens” meeting again. And, quite honestly, the thought of it has been enough to make me want to sell my ticket and skip it all together! If I didn’t have SUPER CUTE clothes on the way I might truly consider it!

I’m really hoping this awkward feeling and fear will subside soon. Thankfully, today has been much better… maybe I’m shaking it (although, the day’s not over yet). ;)

How about you? Have you ever felt awkward like that before or recently? Anyone going to Relevant and as nervous as I am? I’d love to know that I’m not alone! :)



That’s a great picture!

My advice is just don’t think about it. I’m in total denial that it’s next week.

Besides, we can be awkward together. :)


I can’ t wait to be awkward with you, Mullet lover! ;) (btw, it’s NEXT WEEK!)

Erin @ Closing Time

Michelle, denial is my current philosophy as well. I’m preparing, but trying not to think of the actual walking through the hotel doors part. (GULP) :)


< Oooh, I love seeing comments within comments... building community... Hanging out in the living room talking. :) FUN! >

Yeah, thinking of something happening is always worse than when it happens (like shots). So, maybe denial’s the way to go! ;)

Erin @ Closing Time

It made me laugh when I left my comment, because you are both named Michelle!! :)

There are definite downsides to denial though…like if you live in denial so long that you don’t prepare and miss your plane… :)


Hahaha… that would be a downside! ;)

(Yeah, I wasn’t sure which Michelle you were writing to, so I jumped in anyway. ;) Btw, it’s been that way all our lives [I think I speak for both of us]! One time in college someone hollered “Michelle” and 4 of us on the sidewalk turned around!!) lol

♥ Michelle D. ;)

Erin @ Closing Time

It was to both of you!! :)

Betsy Henry

That’s exactly how I felt going to my 25th reunion. When I got there I felt all the same insecurity with the “popular” girls! I did shake it off but couldn’t wait to get my hair cut when I got home. Everyone seemed more fashionable than me, too. But you won’t have that problem!! You are going to have a great time…can’t wait to hear about it!


Oh, I can totally relate to going quickly to get a hair cut after awkward situations! I bet you looked great, though! Thanks for your sweet vote of confidence!!


You will be wonderful ! I know for me our freshman year was great…just the other day I was telling how we spent hours getting our schedule EXACTLY the same…your personality, honesty, camaraderie and perservance will shine through for you just like it did then !


Awww, what a sweet surprise to have you comment here, Jennifer!! Our freshman year was GREAT, but you have to admit DenTeens was awkward, right?? (did you do that?) And I LOVED that we had every class together (but hated that the teachers split us up… wonder why they did that?) ;) How funny that you were just telling that story! :) And THANK YOU for you SUPER sweet words!!! Love you, Girl!


If I was attending Relevant I’d be feeling the SAME way right now. You will have a blast though and it will be great! When do we find out what clothes you are getting?


Glad to know I’m not the only one! :) I bet you’re right and it will be great, just wish my Periodic Mood Swing wasn’t smack dab in middle of the conference! Aagh! (lovely timing, hu?) ;)

Btw, I think I’m going to do a “big reveal” from the conference and post photos from there… or maybe I’ll share a little before I go… still thinking through the details. :) Either way it will be sometime in the next 7 days!! :)


I’m sure the first day most people will have those first-day of school awkwardness (I know I will), but after that I’m sure we’ll be pretty comfortable with each other. :)

It really is crazy that it’s only 1 week away!


Thanks, Jessica! It’s reassuring to know that everyone’s going to feel awkward, not just me… it’s also helpful for me to think about the feelings of others and not focus on myself. Thanks for helping me look outside of myself! :)

It is crazy!! Hard to believe it’s almost here! :) Can’t wait to see you and give you an awkward hug! ;)


You are definitely NOT alone! A friend and I were talking about this recently- we’re going to Relevant together- so happy :) We share so many details about our lives and our walk with God on our blogs yet many of us don’t know the sound of one another’s voices or our favorite dessert. So, yes I think it might be a little awkward but so worth it! Looking forward to meeting you :)


YAY!!! How did I miss that you were going??! I can’t wait to meet you!!! :) Here’s to being awkward together!! :)

I pass on dessert usually, btw. ;) (not a sweets person)

Cranberry Morning

It might help you to remember that most of the people you meet will care way more about the impression they’re going to make and how they appear than they do about you. Doesn’t that sound awful! But it’s true, and is just human nature. If you’re feeling this way, you can rest assured that many, many of them are feeling the same way themselves. Just remember, you are a child of God and you’ve nothing you have to prove to anyone. So much of what we worry about, we later realize was really nothing at all. Go and have a great time. :-)


Oh, that’s so true and such good advice!! Thank you!! ♥

(btw, I found some great sketchpads at Michaels over the weekend for our trip (I couldn’t find the ones you suggested). When I got to the register they rang up $0.01! Turns out they were supposed to be thrown away, but were left on the shelf… score! Got an extra strength glue stick and 8 pads for future trips/Christmas presents for under $4! :) Thanks again for that great idea… I’m looking forward to using it!)


Completely feel the same way!! We can be freshman together!!! =)


I’m SO glad to be a freshman with YOU!! :)

Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama

Girl at least your super cute clothes won’t be of the large waisted pregnancy variety :) I think it’s gonna be more like summer camp than Freshman year – lots of late night conversations, fun activities and friends you want to keep in touch with the rest of the year around!


lol! I’m sure you will look great in your “large waisted pregnancy” clothes (also know as SUPER CUTE maternity clothes)! ;)

Summer camp is a GREAT way to look at it… much better than freshman year! That makes me feel better! Thanks! :)

See ya’ at camp!!

April Robins

How many friends do you have going there with you? It sounds more like you have your own gang that can band together and have so much fun. I am so proud of you regarding the new adventures that you have taken on and are excelling at. Next year you will be attending as a Junior. There are advantages to being a Freshman. Remember that you can only say, “Sorry, but this is new to me” once.


That’s a good point! Thanks, Mom! ♥

martha brady

maybe all of us who feel awkward should have a meet up group at relevant called the awkwards or the freshman. we can all sit on the floor over a cup of coffee or whatever and get over our awkwardness and get to know each other and have a good old time:) (and not worry about whether we look cute or together or anything.) it would probably be the largest group…if they ever had one like that:)


Oh, I bet it would be the largest group!! I’m sure EVERYONE feels awkward to some degree! Btw, I’d LOVE to sit on the floor over a cup of coffee (or Coke) and hang out! Can’t wait to meet you NEXT week!! ♥ Michelle

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