“The BEST Present Ever!”

by SomeGirl on November 27, 2011 · 11 comments

We let the boys open a Christmas present earlier than normal yesterday. It was too hard to keep this present hidden until December 25th.

And now we have one more male member of our household…

Introducing Scrappy, our (adorable) 9 week old Toy Poodle. :)

According to our boys he’s, “The BEST present ever!!” And we agree!

I’m sure you’ll see more of him around here in the future. ;)



Oh your boys must be thrilled. What a cute puppy!

Blessed beyond a doubt

So, so cute!


I want his first offspring


I grew up in a family where we all had poodles (hey, it was the 70’s and poodles were king) so I LOVE the little guys. We got our daughter a black toy ten years ago when she wanted a puppy that would stay little. Scooby has ended up being my dog, though. Enjoy your little fella. :)

Betsy at Zen Mama

Congratulations! What a wonderful gift! I’ve missed coming around. I’ve gotten so busy with school, the boy(s) and Zen Mama! I’ll look forward to reading around again!

Michelle @Special Mom Space

Awww that’s so wonderful. I wish I could have a dog but not in an apartment. I’d hurt him if he chewed up my shoes.


Oh my goodness gracious, so darling! Now, I wonder how long I can hold out for a golden doodle……this is making it harder! :)

Melanie Hood

My baby is a poodle! :D The very first morning after I got him.. I learned really fast to let him go outside to potty after I woke up. He whizzed all over my back after I had gone to the bathroom and crawled back in. I think HE trained ME! What a smart dog, right?

martha brady

so cute:)


He is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!


Thank you all for your kind comments! :)

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