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The Holiness of God (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by Guest blogger on September 16, 2010 · 8 comments

I struggle, too often, to picture God as Holy. Not that I deny the fact, because holiness is His highest and most important characteristic, but I struggle to view Him as such.

Instead, I tend to view Him as a Father or best friend:

  • I get overwhelmed by life, and I run to Him, hiding myself in Him.
  • I confide in Him, I get strength and encouragement from Him.
  • I know that He is in control, and I can trust Him to work all things out in His way.

But somehow, amidst this close and personal view of God, I miss the bigger picture. I miss the view of His holiness that made Isaiah and John fall to their knees. I miss the impact that His holiness has on my day-to-day life.

I think one of the reasons I “dismiss” the holiness of God in my mind is due to the fact that I have been forgiven. I struggle to resonate with Isaiah’s words in Isaiah 6.5, even though I am a sinner (and do not deny that fact). I tend to focus (possibly too much) on grace. I have “no problem” admitting that I’m a sinner, but I tend to view myself as “a sinner saved by grace,” not taking the time to reflect on my sinful state before a Holy God. I tend to skip ahead to verse 7: “your sin is forgiven.”

Yet, to truly understand and appreciate the grace I have received, I need to understand and reflect on who I am and Who has shown such grace to me.

Holy: perfect. Without spot or blemish. Unable to accept anything less than perfection.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.” – Revelation 4.8

Sinful: disobedience. Pride. Selfish. Disgusting. Unable to stand before a Holy and Righteous God.

By nature as children of wrath.” – Ephesians 2.3

There is none righteous, no not one.” – Romans 3.10

Grace: A Holy God providing a way for sinful man to have a right relationship with Him. Selfless love and amazing sacrifice.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5.8

We have been justified.” – Romans 5.1

Lord, help me to have a proper view of Who You are. Impress on my heart the impact of Your holiness on my life.

About Ashley: Ashley Pichea is a wife and mom (almost 2 year old boy and 3.5 year old girl), as well as being a blogger, an online student (pursuing an MA in Ministry), and actively involved in her local church’s teaching ministry. She home schools her daughter and chronicles the journey at Teaching Jenny. Her blog, AP Freewriting, has become a place of ministry to women with a purpose of encouraging women with the Word of God. Ashley strives daily to find her identity in Christ, and she encourages you to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


Now that’s something awe-inspiring to think about! Thanks, Ashley! ♥

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Cranberry Morning

We get a very different perspective of God when we realize that holiness means ‘completely OTHER.’ We tend to think of God as a super human, or super super human, not that He is not human at all. Something that always helps me get a glimpse of the majesty and greatness and OTHERNESS of God is going to a really good planetarium, such as the one at the Creation Museum. When, even through a huge telescope, you never see an end to the stars, and know that each star is a sun, it gives us a bit of perspective on just how great is this God we worship. The more we learn of Him, the more we understand our own sinfulness. It is well worth pondering.

Ashley Pichea

Thank you for sharing this perspective of God’s holiness. I agree that too often we put our human limitations on Him, and yet He is not human at all.

I’m hoping to visit the Creation Museum soon – I’ve heard such amazing things about it!


This is a great post, Ashley. It definitely makes me think, consider and evaluate my relationship with God. Thank you~

Ashley Pichea

Thanks for commenting! It definitely challenges my view of my walk w/ God, too.

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

Great thought, Ashley! When I was a child, I used to love to contemplate forever. It was truly mind boggling. That’s the same feeling I get when I contemplate God’s holiness. Just looking at my life and seeing God’s hand in it is more than I can really comprehend. The perfection of God’s knowing my life and how to so perfectly direct it can only come from His holiness.

Ashley Pichea

It is so beyond what our human, finite brains can even begin to comprehend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jennifer Davis

I can completely relate. I’ve often wondered if I have become too casual with God. Because I don’t have to make a sacrifice every time I sin, it’s easy to forget that One did make a sacrifice for all of my sins. It’s as you state–I know that I’m saved by grace, and while I sincerely try not to sin, I’m not sure that I spend enough time reflecting on my sins in comparison to a sinless God.

Ashley Pichea

I know I definitely don’t spend enough time contemplating the holiness of God. And sin often becomes “just a sin” to me, rather than viewing it in light of God’s holiness. What a difference it would make if we made each decision, even the small ones, in light of God’s holiness…

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