The JOY of an Encouraging Word

by SomeGirl on May 20, 2011 · 18 comments

Have you ever done that thing where you’re in a group of people that you know pretty well and you all write encouraging notes about each other and stick them on each others back?

I don’t know what’s more enjoyable… reading the sweet things people say about you (when you were afraid no one would say anything nice) or watching others read the sweet things said about them (when they thought no one would say anything nice).

I did this with a group of boys I’ve been teaching yesterday and their smiles were incredible! The joy on their faces from a few encouraging words and the feeling of being loved was indescribable.

This group of boys has not been the easiest to work with (by any means), but I came to the realization last week that they needed attention… positive attention. They need to know they are valued and cared for (don’t we all?).

It was a wonderful bonding activity and my only regret is  that we didn’t do it earlier in the year… we could have ALL benefited from it.

But, I am thankful God led me to do it yesterday (even if it was the last day of class). And I pray He will show them His love through the kind words of others placed upon their backs!


Wait, that’s not all! Why let the fun end in the classroom on the last day of enrichment classes?

Let’s keep it going!

I’m going to write a note and stick it on YOUR back, then I’d LOVE to have you write a note and stick it on the back of someone you know who might need encouragement!


YOU make me smile every time I see you’ve been here!


May you be filled with GREAT joy as you go and fraddle for someone you know with an encouraging word or two! ♥ “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” Proverbs 12:25


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Here’s my note back at ya: Everytime I come here, read your words, or see you in person…. I am lifted up and full of peace. You are a true blessing in my life! Thank you.

Oh, and btw, YOU couldn’t have possibly known, but my anxious heart needed that verse from Proverbs today. So much. Thank you.


Awww, you made my eyes tear up! I love you, Girl!!!


Btw, my more personal note on your back reads:

You are an encouragement to all who are near you. Your words are full of grace, joy and peace. You are a good friend to others (and a true Buttercup)!

Cranberry Morning

What a great and affirming activity! I know how much an encouraging word means to me, and I know that everyone can use that kind of support. We never know what’s going on in people’s lives under the surface. Blessings, Michelle!


We never do know… that’s so easy to forget. Thank you, Judy! You, your wise words, kindness, and humor are in my thoughts often – always with joy. :)


Great post, Michelle. Sounds like that activity yesterday was quite a blessing. If I was to place a note on your back it would say: Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for blessing me and others. You are beautiful.

I’ve been trying to show someone I love this week much encouragement and support but also don’t want to be overbearing. This post gives me comfort in knowing that I’m doing the right things.

And, of course, I’ll vote for you!


*posting my note on your back*

You are such an encourager! Your words are filled with kindness and love. You know how to say just the right thing and are a joy to have as an online friend!

Thank you for your note! It warmed my heart more than you might know! Hope all has gone well with your friend. And thank you SO much for voting!


Thank you so much, Michelle!

Jenny @ The Southern Institute

This is such a great idea, Michelle! You are such an encouragement. So blessed to have met you at Blissdom!


Thank you, Jenny! I was just thinking about us sitting in that writing class earlier today… I’m SO glad we got to know each other then! You are such a sweet, kind-hearted friend! (and SO stinkin’ CUTE!)


I really love that Michelle!!!


Thank you, Kristen!

Alicia The Snowflake

What a great idea! I’m sure the children had a fun time with this and probably learned something about themselves in the process.

and as I read that last picture, I thought.

You are loved!

I pray you know that today my friend! Great big hugs to you!!!


Funny, I wrote “YOU are loved!” in my first draft under that picture then changed it. Must have been needed to be said (and heard!)… Thank you, my friend!! {HUGS} back to you!!

You are appreciated! (more than you could possibly know)


You make me smile because your love and care for others is so transparent.


Girl, you are SO sweet… thank you!

Praying for your dermatologist appointment and sticking a note on your back with love:

Your life is in Good hands! Praying you will rest in those loving, kind, all powerful hands. {{hugs}}

Deb Chitwood

What an awesome idea, Michelle! You’re so wonderful at spreading love and encouragement – and this activity really reflects that! By the way, I’ve been voting daily for you for Top 25 Faith Blogs By Moms! I love what you do and share! :)


Deb, You are such a sweet, supportive and encouraging friend! Thank you!!

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