The Most Beautiful Drive in the World

by SomeGirl on July 31, 2011 · 5 comments

We’ve heard from several people that the 4 hour drive from Banff to Jasper is” the most beautiful drive in the world!” I have to admit I’ve not made a whole lot of drives, but it was definitely the most beautiful drive of our trip.

These pictures slightly capture the beauty…

The town of Jasper was nice, but not near as nice as the town of Banff and seemed even more expensive.

The flowers all over our trip up north were BEAUTIFUL!

In Jasper we walked around the downtown, road a gondola to an amazing view, and saw some fun wildlife.

On our way out of town toward Edmonton we ran across some more wildlife and had fun watching the animals.

The scenery changed quite soon after leaving the National Park, as we headed east in Alberta (which we heard was called the Texas of Canada… I could see why. I’ll show you more soon!).

If you didn’t notice, I’m SO far behind in posting pictures here! We’re staying our last night out in Amarillo, Texas and will be home tomorrow. I’ll keep sharing pictures of our trip… Hope you don’t mind that they’re after the fact. :)

Love, Michelle

Btw, tomorrow (Aug 1) is our oldest one’s 9th birthday. We celebrated a couple of days ago because we knew we would be on the road the whole time for his actual day. I’m glad to announce that he said this has been his BEST birthday ever! (Don’t know how we can top this one.) ;)

While we were in Calgary we visited the LEGO store which brought lots of smiles and joy there and later. :)



What glorious scenery! Thank you so much for sharing!




It’s been great ‘traveling with you’! The pictures have been amazing…and I know you have made many wonderful family memories! Be blessed!


That is so beautiful! Isn’t amazing the naturally beautiful wonders God has provided us with!


Beautiful, beautiful photos. So glad you are home safe and that your sweet son had a great birthday.

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