There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For (Thought Provoking Thursdays)

by SomeGirl on November 10, 2010 · 20 comments

Yesterday, on our way back from dropping my oldest one off at enrichment classes, my littlest one and I were listening to his favorite music CD.

It’s full of songs like Old McDonald, The Wheels On The Bus, and Yankee Doodle Dandy. It also has some lesser known songs about seasons and colds…

At the end of one of the lesser known songs my little one said, “I like that song.”

I asked, in a curious manner, “What do you like about it?” (curious because it usually receives poor reviews from my oldest)

He replied in a chipper three-year-old voice, with no hint of sarcasm, “I like that it’s over.”

And that got me thinking…

There is always something to be thankful for, even if it’s just that something we didn’t like ended.

Without knowing it, my little one issued a challenge to me to look past the negative and find the positives in my situations…. To find something to be thankful for.

Will you join me in that challenge?

Something to think about in this season of cultivating a thankful heart.

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What a smart boy you have! So many lessons we can learn from children (:


Thanks, Kinzie! And thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle


Man, we are always on the same wavelength! I made some notes earlier tonight about this exact same topic!

Love you, and your thought-provoking-ness! :)


What’s that they say about great minds? ;)

Love you, and your intentional-ness! ♥

Deb Chitwood

What a great philosopher your son is, Michelle! Isn’t it true that we need painful experiences to truly appreciate the good experiences?!


So true! Thanks, Deb! And thanks again for the LOVELY, encouraging post at … You’re SO kind!!

Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving

What a great comment by your son! It reminds me of one of my preschool students who once told me, “I’m thankful for tuna fish. I don’t like it, but I’m thankful for it!” We can learn so much from the faith of little children!


That’s cute! We can learn so much… Thank God for the faith of little children and our opportunities to be around them! :)


That is a great challenge! As someone who usually sees the glass half empty, this is a great reminder that we can always find good in something around us!


I would have NEVER guessed you were a glass-half-empty person! You’re the most positive one I’ve ever met!

Here’s to the challenge! :)


It is one area God has really been working in my life, and I am much better recently. I love his power to help us change even the little things!


Thanks for reminding me what to do with my life’s lemons!


Aw, you’re so sweet, Sabrina! Your comment made me smile. :) Thank you!


Kid’s say the cutest stuff! That sounds like something my oldest would say. What a great reminder for us all especially during this time of Thanksgiving celebrations.


Isn’t it great to have positive little voices in our lives?! :) Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michelle! ♥


Um, yeah. Sometimes I like that it’s over too. (As you know by reading my post today!)

Thanks for checking in! I subscribe to you by e-mail, and I’m keeping up, I just don’t always click over and comment.

Have a blessed weekend!



It was great to catch up with you and connect! I subscribe by email to your blog, too! Nice to know each other is out there, even if we don’t have time to comment! :) Thanks for taking the time to click over this time! (((hugs)))


Yes, it is nice to know the other is there! Hugs back to you!


Betsy at Zen Mama

Isn’t that the truth! There’s always a positive way of looking at everything. It’s your attitude more than the event.

Sorry I didn’t have a post this week! I’m busy fraddling for my two boys….band concerts, football and frisbee championships, looking at high schools, checking out college applications, and making a new blog on wordpress…my old one won’t publish posts any more. Just as well.


So true. Love the quote, “Life’s 10% circumstance, 90% how you react.”

Can’t wait to see your new blog! Sound like a busy time around your parts… LOVE to hear that you’re fraddling!! :) Lots of love! ♥

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