Things I’ve Found to be Wonderful

by SomeGirl on May 11, 2010 · 16 comments

Now that I have a working camera I am taking photos all the time! My hope is to get as good at photography as this sweet blogger! Maybe one day…

For now, here are some photos of things I’ve found to be WONDERFUL this week…

CUTE little boys and clean drinking water,

Choices at the ice cream counter,

Little boy handwriting and thumbprint grapes,

Sweet little smiles,

Boys being boys (when you want them to pose),

The emotions of a three-year-old,

Seeing our picture in the newspaper,


Naptime (which hardly ever happens anymore),

And cute, simple teacher gifts for the LAST day of enrichment classes.

What are you finding to be wonderful this week?

And, if you don’t mind me asking,  what do you think about the watermark? Good, bad, no opinion? Just trying it out. :) Thanks for your feedback!

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Can’t wait to see your upcoming pics! :)


Thanks! Your photo was cool today… I tried to think of what to call it all day long, but couldn’t come up with anything creative… finally my husband helped me out. :) lol

Alicia The Snowflake

Great pics! I love the thumbprint grapes. Super cute!


Thanks, Alicia! Isn’t thumbprint and hand-print art one of the GREATEST art forms?! :)

Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!!

Rachel Pereira

LOVE these pictures!!
2 questions:

1. Is it hard to put the watermark on your pictures??? It looks really neat!

2. How did you get in the Samsung ad!! You look so pretty!! =)

Have a wonderful afternoon! =)


The watermark was SUPER easy! I just added text to the photo on They have lots of font choices and you can totally customize your color and style.

Samsung (or Fry’s) must have bought the photo through istockphoto. That’s the only place my husband sells stock images. That photo was on for a long time, too! :) Thanks for the sweet compliment! I didn’t feel like I looked too pretty at the time, but the photo sells well so I must look good enough. ;)

I think about you and pray for you often, btw!! ♥ Michelle


I’m finding omelettes for dinner that my husband made tonight for me to be really wonderful! :)


Ooooh… that sounds delicious!! And husbands cooking dinner is definitely wonderful!! :) (doing dishes is way up there, too!) ;)


Cute pictures! I like the watermark, it’s neat! I may have to do that for future pictures…


I like the watermark you chose. Photobucket doesn’t have that one for an option!

You take great pictures!!!


Great pics! :D Love the thumbprint art!


Thanks you guys!! ♥ Michelle

the inadvertent farmer

Yes, having a camera makes capturing the simple moments so fun! I can’t imagine not having mine around all the time…great shots! Kim


Thanks, Kim! Did you see that it was your blog I mentioned? I LOVE your photos! You’ve inspired me! :) And I think I’m linking up a garden post tomorrow…

Melissa :)

The watermark is good – keep in mind, you have it either low or high. Which means, someone can still use your photos & just crop out your name, leaving a large portion of your photo left. Just a thought. :)

What are you shooting with? Great photos! Cute tiny boys, too. :)


Thank, Melissa! That’s a good point about the position of the watermark. I had only really done it to look more professional, but to have it be useful would be smart, too. ;) lol

My husband gave me a Canon Powershot SD780 IS for Mother’s Day. It’s small, takes video and carries in my purse… I LOVE it!

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