This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

by SomeGirl on August 3, 2011 · 16 comments

Before I get started, let me say a big THANK YOU to Rebecca, Ali and Cheryl for keeping Thought Provoking Thursday up and running while my family was out touring the west/northwest. They did a GREAT job!

And another big THANK YOU to you, my sweet online friends, for all of your kind comments here, on FB and on twitter on my vacation posts and pictures! I really enjoyed reading them and hope you understand my inability to reply while we were gone. Thank you so much! :) Now, back to the regularly scheduled post…

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad it!

No matter how HOT it is! ;)

If you’re curious… it’s not hot enough to cook an egg othe sidewalk (as you can see above). It is hot enough to cause our car to register 130 upon start up when leaving the pool yesterday (which felt like luke warm bathwater)… I’ve never seen that high of a temperature in my car before!

So, instead of sitting and complaining about how HOT it is here at home in Texas (which I’ve done enough of), I’ve determined to make the most of this day the Lord has give us.

As I type this, we’re enjoying a movie in the cool air conditioning while we wait for cookies to bake in our car, our popsicle to freeze in the fridge and our melted crayons to harden (they melted pretty quickly out there)…

Making the most of what we’ve been given feels much better than sitting and complaining. :)

Something to think about.


Shanda Oakley

I’m glad you had a great vacation. Every time I read of your heat and humidity back east, I thank God for the weather here in Southern California. It is hot but not humid.


Yes, be thankful! Oh so thankful! ;)

Deb Chitwood

Your vacation looked AMAZING! I’ve loved seeing your tweets and photos – so much fun just to follow your adventure online! We’re lucky in Colorado to have dry heat, so it’s really never too hot here for me. I’m glad you’re finding ways to make the best of your heat in Texas! :)


Thank you, Deb! Yes, Colorado was surprisingly hot when we stopped in Colorado Springs, but with the breeze and in the shade it was quite nice. Lucky duck! ;)

Jenny @ The Southern Institute

I so enjoyed keeping up with your trip on Instagram! So glad you made it home safely, Michelle!


Thank you, Jenny! I’ve had fun keeping up with you via Instagram, too! :)

Eryn {mamahall}

wonderful post! my favorite part –> Making the most of what we’ve been given feels much better than sitting and complaining. :)

Head Ant

My family is about to go back to Dallas from vacation. I hope the weather changes soon for all of you!

Amanda Jones

love it!


Making the most of your day. An attitude I could use, too. 130 degrees is beyond my thought process. So thankful you have air and a movie to watch! And I won’t even say anything about us getting a break of 90 degree weather and are down in the 80s. Wouldn’t be nice to mention that at all!

mountain mama

oh…good ideas…the kids would love to melt some crayons :)

Connie, the daisyhead

Wonderful reminder, Michelle! Now if you could just come to my house to remind me every morning. :o)

I had actually just posted on my blog when I saw your link up. Perfect timing. I love your Thought Provoking Thursdays!


So glad you have the place to getout of the heat! It’s actually cooled off a bit here. It’s ONLY 92 but it is also 8:30 pm… Thanks again for the oppourtunity to share our not accidentally stories. Blessings, Debbie, Lori and Ann


Welcome home…what a week to come back! We are going to melt crayons-thanks for the idea. It was so fun to watch your vacation; especially Baniff. My Nanna was from Canada and she said “Eh” all the time. It gave me warm fuzzies to see that word in print and hear her voice in my head.
Look forward to enjoying you and yours when we can get together.


I thought about you when we were in Jackson Hole… Remember when you called us in front of the web cam? :) Let’s get together soon! We’re going to be in Plano on Thursdays for the next 5 or so months.


Great post. I should have read this one before the one I just posted on. ;)

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