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Just What I Needed! (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on September 8, 2010 · 16 comments

Last week I read a WONDERFUL thought-provoking and action-spurring post by a friend that said, “Is there something specific that you tend to do more of during the holiday season? Perhaps it is an extra visit to a family member, a delivery to a favorite local charity or taking the extra two minutes to help someone carry their groceries. How about incorporating it into your September? Why not take this beautiful time of year and make it even better?” (read the full post at …a place for thoughts) What a wonderful idea! Just what I needed to encourage me to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile (a really LONG while)…

Immediately, I called my grandparents to see if the boys and I could visit. We loaded the car and made a trip to their house… a house filled with memories of games at the kitchen table, sleeping in the pull out sofa, watching The Cowboys play after Thanksgiving dinner, picking pomegranates, Grandpa napping in the recliner, long walks in the cow pasture, a candy jar above the refrigerator and lots of love. We spent the day with them and had a great time (we even made plans to visit again in 2 weeks)! I’m so thankful for my friend’s post and the action it produced!

What about you? What have you been planning to do, but keep putting off? Why not do it now? You’ll be SO glad you did!

Something to think about…

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Alicia The Snowflake

Great post! I just read a post at The Farris Wheel about joy. Your post is a great follow up to that. We all need to stop & take time to do those things which bring joy to our souls. Tonight we spent the evening with friends to celebrate a birthday. Saturday we are having friends over for dinner. It’s important to take time for people. They are really what matter most!


Thanks, Alicia! I’ll go read Jennifer’s post right now. :) I hope you have (and had) a GREAT time with your friends! You’re so right on the importance of taking time for people… I haven’t been very good at that lately. Here’s to a season of change (for the better)! :)

Betsy Henry

I read A Place for Thoughts last week and really enjoyed her post, too. Good job getting in touch with the grandparents.

My thought provoking post is about the word Serendipity. Have a great Thursday!!!


Thanks for linking up, Betsy! I always love your posts!

Jennifer Davis

Hi, Michelle! I just saw your tweet after I finished writing a blog about some of the giving opportunities going around the web. I hope you don’t mind that I added my link!


Are you kidding me??! That’s AWESOME! You know how I feel about clean water, right?! I LOVE your VERY thought provoking post! May God be glorified in His stirring of your heart, thoughts and words!!


definitely thought-provoking! Challenge of the day: find the perfect action to do that will bear fruit for His name.


Great challenge for the day! Makes me want to write that on a note and post it to the mirror! Btw, I took the liberty to link up your post: Whar If. :) Hope you’re having a wonderful time in your road trip!


Hmmmm! Got to think about that one!! Great thought!


Hey, I linked up your post: Lessons from a Stereo… Hope you don’t mind! :)


You are TOO sweet to mention and the post from last week. Can I just say that I LOVE the picture you shared. Just love it. Even though it isn’t as easy to see your grandmother as it is your grandfather you can see so clearly how special they are. I’m so glad you were able to have that visit and that you plan to go back again soon. And I love the memories that the visit reminded you of. Such heartwarming and peaceful parts of our lives (that is at least how I feel when I go to my grandparents).

I’ve already read Betsy’s post this morning but plan to go see the first link up. Would it be completely cheesy to relink to the very post you’ve already mentioned here? Perhaps. I’ll wait until the next link up! ;)

Have a great day, Michelle!


Thank you SO much! You are forever etched in my memories of my grandparents! That might sound weird, but my Grandpa’s health is poor and I have been “thinking about” going to visit (outside of a holiday celebration at my parents’ house) for a few years… I’ve often worried I would miss going and regret it dearly if he were to pass away soon (before I visited). Your post really was “just what I needed!” Btw, I say Link It Up!! :)


I love that you were encouraged to do this! Sounds like fun for everyone involved. I’m still working out what to celebrate for September, but I’m starting with a nice letter and some first day of school pictures for my grandmother.

Thanks for being THought Provoking!


Oh, a letter with pictures to your Gransmother is a GREAT idea! What joy that will bring to her! Btw, I linked up your post: Don’t Give Up. Hope you’re cool with that! :)

Laura Maly

Great idea! I’m sure your grandparents absolutely loved the visit!



I think they did! That made it even more special! :)

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