Three Years Ago

by SomeGirl on April 13, 2010 · 13 comments

Three years ago today, we brought home our sweet little boy from the hospital.

And three days ago we celebrated his 3rd birthday… where does the time go???

We ate cake…

…and ice cream (Blue Bell, of course).

We opened presents.

Busted a pinata.

And visited a Fire Station.

With all this, we celebrated our sweet little boy’s precious life, lovingly given to him and to us three years ago by his birthmother.

We will be thankful to her FOREVER!

(We love you, Michelle!)


Rachel Pereira

I’ve been waiting to see pictures of the party!! Love the Fire truck cake, and your little guy is simple ADORABLE!! You have a beautiful family!! =)

Some Girl

Thank you, Rachel! That made me smile when I read that you were wanting to see pics… thanks! :)


Looks like Eli had a wonderful BDay!

Some Girl

It was fun… let’s get together soon! ♥

Laura Maly

What a precious gift!


Oh what a precious story! I am adopted and appreciate so much the gift of adoption and Eli will appreciate so much having a wonderful loving family. Great party pics and idea to go to the fire station ;-)

Some Girl

Thanks, Heather! ♥ That’s NEAT that you were adopted! My mom was adopted and both my boys were, too. I love adoption, a tangible example of our adoption through Christ… I understand so much more now! :D


You are a beautiful mom, Michelle! Your boys are so very blessed. So glad Eli had a great birthday! That cake came out great! Thank you for sharing his special day with us!

Some Girl

You’re too sweet!! Thank you! ♥


Thanks for sharing!


Since I just found your blog this week during UBP, I didn’t know you are an adoptive mom! We have two adopted guys and are forever, eternally thankful to God for giving them to us. Three years! What a milestone! Our boys are 7 & 9 now and we’re gearing up for an 8th bday next month, and we get to go back over those early memories again… :)

Some Girl

My oldest will be 8 in August… time sure does fly! He joined our family through adoption, too. It’s always nice to meet other adoptive moms! Thanks for the comment! ♥


I just saw this. My reader is all wonky. Anyway, wanted to wish little Eli a happy belated birthday! Looks like an awesome day. It all goes too fast!

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