Through the Pain {Day Nine}

by SomeGirl on October 8, 2011 · 4 comments

Well, since writing yesterday’s post, I am now the proud new owner of a pair of mature adult comfort shoes and let me tell you how MUCH BETTER I feel!!

I had NO idea how important good shoes with good support are for your back and neck!

I seriously felt the pain start to fade after a few minutes in my new shoes, and within half an hour could turn my neck with no pain at all… Amazing!

If you have neck or back pain, I’d definitely suggest you look into orthopedic shoes (as odd and old as that sounds). ;)

Mine are made by Finn Comfort in Germany… but please… don’t hate me because they’re beautiful. ;)

Now, all this has really got me thinking…

First, it’s odd that I prayed for rest and then spent more time lying on the floor over the past two days than I’ve done in quite some time… coincidence? I think not.

Next, I have become very mindful of the fact that there are so many people in pain around us and I hope and pray they find relief! As I walked around in the comfort of my new shoes, I found myself thinking of those who hurt like I have and desiring to make a difference in their lives. (Could that be our prayers for revival of compassion at work?)

Last but not least, we’ve all had pain, currently have pain, or know someone we can help who is in pain… I pray that wherever we are in that spectrum that we will allow God to work in our lives and use our situation to bring Himself glory.

I pray our faith and trust in Him will be a bright light of hope to those who are suffering alone in darkness.

May God strengthen us, enable us to endure, and revive our hearts with great love, compassion, and gratitude for Him through the pain.

May He be glorified in and through our prayers for revival! And may the revival He brings be long lasting!



Thank You for the rest You’ve given me over the past couple of days.

I thank You for the pain that slowed me down and caused me to lean on You, and I thank You for the relief you’ve given me.

I pray for those who are hurting right now, that You would comfort them and bring healing.

Please show us how You want us to help.

May we be your hands and feet to a world in need.

May You be glorified through our faith and trust in You during our pain, our gratitude to You after our relief, and our compassion for others as we minister to them.

May revival occur in the midst of our pain and suffering!

May You be glorified!


I’m SO glad you’re here praying with me today!

If you’re just joining in, you can find a list of all posts in this 31 day series here



I am glad you are feeling better!


Thank you, Heather!


Good shoes do help! I like those!


Thanks, J. :)

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