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by SomeGirl on March 28, 2011 · 24 comments

Taking a little break from all the GREAT  Tea Time wisdom from Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart conference to share something neat that I found there…

In the lobby of the conference there were tables and tables of books laid out to be browsed through and bought. LOTS of books!

Sitting at one of the tables with a stack of sweet books and a beautiful, smiling face was an author who was new to me… the lovely Sandra Maddox (Mom Mentor at Rich Warren’s Saddleback Church in California and author of Tiffany and The Talking Frog: in The Search for the Crown of Rye Chestnuts).

(Photo courtesy of CarolinaMama from the Raleigh, NC Mom Heart Conference 2010)

I struck up a conversation with Sandra, who I had just heard speak about her story, motherhood and her book. She was delightful! As we talked I mentioned you guys, this blog and how I love to encourage you to do things for or with your loved ones (“fraddle“).  And we ended up agreeing that this would be a WONDERFUL place to share more about her book, encouraging you guys to pick up a copy and read it to your little ones, and do a little giveaway!

But, before I could do all that I needed to try the book out with my boys, which I was more than happy to do after hearing the importance of cuddling up with your children and reading to them (something I already did, but not with as much heart as I was encouraged to do from the Mom Heart Conference).

The night I came home from the conference I read each of my boys their bedtime story from Sandra’s precious book, Tiffany and The Talking Frog (dedicated to the memory of Sandra’s loving daughter, Tiffany, who inspired the book and left this earth far too early).

I started with my youngest (3 1/2) who hung on to each word of each page. He loved the story and the pictures and has asked to read it several times since.

My oldest (8 1/2) was very intrigued by the storyline of a girl on an outdoor adventure with a dog, a frog who could talk and the discussion of spiritual things… “God does everything on purpose. Whenever I don’t know a reason for something, Mom always says I need to trust God.”

The song on CD in the back cover of the book  was SUCH a WONDERFUL bonus for my oldest who loves to listen to music (and a WONDERFUL bonus for his mom who loves music with a GREAT message)!

Btw, neither of my boys seemed to notice or care that Tiffany was a girl. Maybe because she was doing such fun, adventuresome activities (and there was a TALKING frog and a dog… what’s not for a boy to LOVE about that?! ). :)

Here’s a little from dedication page of the book:

“When Tiffany was little, we found a cute stuffed frog on a paper lily pad with the words, “Fully Reliant On God.” From that moment on, whenever we used the word ‘frog’ we understood its real meaning.”- Sandra Maddox (which is sweetly explained in the book)

And from the back cover:

“What a beautiful book! The playful illustrations will captivate children. The heartfelt message of God’s love will engage their spirits! As a mother, I think this is a wonderful book for young children to cherish and read again and again.” –  Sally Clarkson, author of The Mission of Motherhood (what more do you need to hear than that?!) ;)

“Out in their garden, would-be dancer, Tiffany and her lively dog Chester, suddenly face a very unhappy frog. ‘It’s not fair!’ Forest the frog moans, ‘I’m a white frog! I want to be green like all the other frogs!’ But then he learns that white frogs can have fun too. And even makes new friends. A warm fuzzy tale for 3-8 year olds.” – Bonnie Compton Hanson, author of Ponytail Girls (And since I have a 3 and an 8 year old who loved the book, I can completely agree!) :)

Doesn’t it sound like a wonderful book?! I think you and your children (or grandchildren) would LOVE having a copy! I know we do! (Thank you, Sandra, for giving me a copy to review!)


To be entered to win this LOVELY children’s  book, Tiffany and The Talking Frog in The Search for the Crown of Rye Chestnuts, simply leave a comment below saying that you’d like to win. That’s it!

A winner will be drawn Friday evening (4/1).

If you don’t win, you can order your own copy by emailing Sandra Maddox at The price of the book is $14 plus tax and shipping. Well worth the cost!

Be sure to join me back here next Tuesday for a return to Tea Time with Mom Heart wisdom on building character in your children. ♥ And tomorrow for Part 3 of How to Get Accepted at



Love Sandra Maddox! Would love to win her book too! :) Glad the picture worked out! :) It was a fun conference last year in Raleigh. Great Giveaway!

jenn perry

i’d love to win this! this would make a great gift for some little girls i know. :)


Thanks for the offer.

Kelly Ma

Hi Michelle! Sounds like a great story!


I would love to win this. Sounds precious. Thank you. :)


I would love to win. My three boys would love to have a new book to read.


Thank you for sharing this offer- I would love to share this with my friend whos little one 4yrs- left much too early too. have a blessed day:)


I would love to win this sweet book!


I want to win! My 3 year old boy would love this!


I would love to win this…..for my family. However, I want to give it as a gift to a Mom who has Kidney disease…needs a transplant and can not find a donor…..AND she now has cancer (stage 2) and can’t have surgery to remove the tumor because of her kidney failure. She is going through chemo and having such a TOUGH time. So, while I selfishly want it for me….I would resist and take this to her and her family….she has two children: 3 and 4 yo’s! Blessings!

Cranberry Morning

Sounds like it has a great message. I’d love to win this giveaway! :-)


I would love to have this book for my 3 daughters! Thanks so much!!


I would love to win this! Sounds wonderful… and something I’ll be adding to my list even if I don’t win!

Amy @ A Faithful Journey

Would love to win!
My 4 yr old daughter would LOVE this!
Thank you! :)

Cathryn Farr

My grandkids, ages 2 and 3 would love to have grandma bring this book to them when I visit in April!

Gail Debenport

I’d like to win so I could read to my grandchildren. My grandson has a white frog.

Mary Chesson

I would love to win this book! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Jess @PriscasVoice

Sounds like a great book for my kids! Thanks for giving us a chance to win a copy! :o)


Do you remember my getting one of the IKEA frogs during a shopping spree several years ago? We still use it to play hide-and-seek with fun things hiddenin the frogs mouth. This week I stuffed his mouth with sea shells and the kids have been using them like trading cards all week.
Now with FROG=Fully Reliant On God, this will be a wonderful enhancement to our storing up memories experiences with the Frog.
Thanks for sharing…when are we going to IKEA again!?!?!


I’d love to win and would love to pick up this book even if I don’t. Thanks for sharing Sandra with us, Michelle.


Sounds like a great book that La would love. We are always looking for good books with a spiritual message. Thanks for your constant commitment to share great fraddling ideas with us! Love you girl!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire

I DEFINITELY want to win! Count me in – this sounds like a wonderful book!


I’d love to win a copy. It sounds like a sweet story

Julie Witt

I would really like to win this book! My 4 y/o son has inherited my love of books so I would love to cuddle up with him and read this to him :)

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