To Be Empty

by SomeGirl on December 5, 2011 · 10 comments

“You are, at this moment, as filled with Christ as you want to be.”

Powerful words spoken by my pastor.

“To the degree that you give every area of your life to Him, God fills you with Himself.”

If you are full of self, you will be empty of Christ.

If you are empty of self, you can be full of Christ.

It requires surrender. Dying. Emptying yourself.

Saying, “Not my will, but YOURS be done.”

Lord, I want to be empty of myself and filled with You!


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Stefanie Brown

Love this, sweet Michelle!

Thank you!!


Glad to be able to share! :)


Wow! What a great message!!

Thanks for sharing…. (I was in need of one this week!). :)


I hope your new pastor brings lots of life and challenging messages to your congregation… very soon! xoxo

Michelle @Special Mom Space

Well said. I think we all struggle with dying to self but as we yield more and more to Christ, he helps us with that.

And thank God for his mercy :-)


Yes, thanks be to God for his mercy!


Awesome!! And so true! I want to be filled with Christ, and so I empty myself at His feet.


…empty myself at His feet.

Love that!


Love this. Choice. Desires of our hearts…He wants us all…I long for all of Him. Choosing, praying, recognizing, yes. Thank you for this reminder.


What a wonderful summary… Thanks, Camillia!

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