I Didn’t Think I Would, But I Did

by SomeGirl on July 6, 2010 · 14 comments

I did it. I didn’t think I would, and I even told  myself not to. I mean, it’s just a cartoon. Seriously, I didn’t really care for the 2nd one and don’t remember much about the 1st one. But then it happened… I cried at the end of Toy Story 3. I mean REALLY, REALLY cried! Not because it’s the ending of a group of cartoons, but because of the story line. *sniff, sniff* And every time I thought about it after we left the theater yesterday, I wanted to cry a little bit again (a happy cry). It was THAT GOOD!

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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Rachel Pereira

Same here!! I cried!! It was my little guys 1st movie, and I was surprised that he was enthralled by the whole thing!! Glad you liked it!


Aw, what a good 1st movie!! How fun that he was so enthralled! ♥

Lisa Hof

I MUST see this movie! Everyone has raved about it ;o) Now I know to bring some kleenex! haha
Have a great day!


Definitely bring kleenex (or wear long sleeves)! lol Hope you get to see it soon! ♥ Michelle


Of course I definitely cried! *SPOILER ALERT…don’t read if you haven’t seen*…..

Andy all grown up…passing the toys on to the next generation…I just couldn’t take it. (But part of me wondered why he didn’t box up his most valued ones and keep them for his own kids one day. Or why his mom didn’t do that for him, since maybe guys don’t do that. Hmmm, once again, I overthink…lol) At any rate, that scene was still precious. So much meaning there.


Love that you wrote “SPOILER ALERT”… what a thoughtful commenter! ;)

Yes, that’s EXACTLY when I cried (and cried and cried)!

Btw, I love that you “overthink”… it makes us all think! :) ♥ Michelle


um, hello…I bawled worse than the first time I saw Bambi or Old Yeller. And I was seriously unprepared with the tissues too….ended up using my sleeve. All I can say is thank God for the 3-D glasses I had on, because it saved a small smidge of my pride…although the glasses didn’t help too much with the runny nose…or the strange snorting/hiccuping sound I was trying not to make.


Haha… I ended up using my sleeve and shirt collar and made ALL kinds of noises! I bet 3-D made it all the more emotional!

Cranberry Morning

Okay, confession here. I have cried at only about 5 movies in my entire life! So I’ve gotta see this one. This could be number six!

I just told my husband about your post. He said he’s also heard that it’s really good and even has economic lessons in it. Hey, we might be going to a movie!! :-)


Oh, I hope I haven’t built this up for you! Our babysitter didn’t cry, but here sister did. Maybe I should warn you that I cried 9 times at Blindside. :) Regardless, I think you’ll like it!

monica @ paper bridges

nope, not yet. we are going to wait for the DVD. I’m too cheap to take the kids to the theater. lol.

I do hear the movies is wonderful, tho’. My interest is peaked.


What a smart, wise momma!

We have a theater near us that has $4 matinees, that’s the only way we make it to the regular movies as a family. Otherwise, it’s the $1 movies or Redbox for us. :)

Betsy Henry zen-mama.com

I just sobbed at the sweetness at the ending! Pixar did it again!!


Yes, they did!! :)

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