Almost Time to Celebrate!

by SomeGirl on July 27, 2010 · 38 comments

I can’t believe it… my sweet boy is turning 8 this weekend! He’s having his first-ever “drop off” party. Some good friends from church and the neighborhood are coming to our house Saturday to play, do birthday party stuff and have a Lego building contest.

Today I’m fraddling for and with him by making a pinata and choosing the design of his cake. Check out some of the fun cake ideas I’ve found and posted on SomeGirlsWebsite’s FB page. They’re CUTE (uh… I mean, “COOL”)! ;)

There’s one thing I could use some of your help with… my husband and  I are going to “judge” the Lego creations and hand out “awards” to the winners of each category. I just need to come up with 8 categories, ie: most creative, most interesting…

Do you have any ideas? :) I would REALLY appreciate hearing them! :)


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

photo from his party invitation

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Come back tomorrow when I share a lesson learned from my oldest one’s “pet” lizard for Thought Provoking Thursday. Hope to see you then!



What a cool idea for a party! My son loves legos!! :D Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Thanks, Sherry! I’ll share all the details next week… hopefully it will go well. :)


Hey Michelle,
Great idea for a lego party!! I’ll have to remember that one as my 3 year old son gets older!

what about “best use of the colors” – have fun with the party!

I visited from iFellowship – but I always enjoy your blog no matter what day it is!

Come see me if you have time!


Thanks, Penny!! ♥

Best use of the colors is a great suggestion… I’ll add it to my list! :)


Most Colorful
Most Complicated
Most Real Looking


Nice suggestions, Barbara… thank you! ♥


That’s such a good idea!! I was gonna say, Most Realistic (like Barbara said)….SO fun!! =)


Thanks, Rachel! ♥ Yeah, I like Most Realistic, too! (added it to my list) :)


Happy Birthday !! =) I have a birthday next week… although lego building won’t be on the agenda. BUT what a super fun, cute/cool idea!!


Thanks, Steph! Hope your birthday next week goes well! ♥ Michelle


Hey Michelle! What a great idea for a party! Happy BIrthday to your little (or shall I say big) guy! Thanks for joining in iFellowship. Its always a blessing to see you around.



Thanks, Meghan! It’s a joy to be a part! ♥ Michelle

Amy Steiner

I was also going to say how colorful of a design!
What a cool idea for a little boys b-day party! Will keep in mind as my son gets older!
Happy ifellowship day!
God Bless!


Thanks, Amy! ♥

It’s GREAT to see you here! Happy belated iFellowship Day! :)

Cranberry Morning

Sounds like fun. Your son, moving from the ‘cute’ stage to the ‘cool’ stage (which lasts a looooooooooong time) :-)

How about most artistic? most complex?


Most artistic and most complex… I like those! Thanks, Judy! ♥


Hello! I’m participating in iFellowship. Enjoy this day the Lord has made and may you be glad in it!



Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by! ♥ Michelle


Happy iFellowship Day! We too have a bday party on Friday night. A Sweet 16. She is so excited!


Hi Cheryl! Hope you have a GREAT sweet 16 party tomorrow! What a special time!! ♥ Michelle

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

Happy birthday to your son, Michelle! What a great idea to have a Lego party! My son would have loved that. Maybe you could have a Biggest Creation. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Thanks, Deb! Biggest Creation is a great idea.. thank you! ♥

Christina Chitwood @ Fit Body Full Life

That’s a great idea. Happy birthday to your son, Michelle! My husband loved Legos when he was younger, and he tells me he really liked making gear boxes with them. :) Although, I’m sure if he had the chance, he still would. lol. A possible category could be Sturdiest Structure. Have a fantastic day!


Sturdiest structure is a cool one… whoever wanted to enter that category could put it to the test… I like it! Yeah, I had no idea how much my husband liked Legos until he started playing them with my son. ;) It’s GREAT to meet you, btw! ♥ Michelle


I can’t think of a category, but I think a Lego party is an awesome idea!

Stopping by from iFellowship!


Thanks, Joy! I enjoyed stopping by your blog, too! ♥ Michelle


What a fun idea- I bet he will love it!!


Thanks, Jessica! I hope he loves it as much as he’s LOVING planning for it! :) ♥ Michelle


Giiiirrrrlll…I didn’t realize that you had a fb page! I “like” it!!

Lego catagories…Um…most aero-dynamic (can it fly?)….best story (if they have a story to tell about it)…..tallest without tipping over……Used the most legos (who used the most legos in their piece)….???

Any of those work?

Happy iFellowship Day!


Those are GREAT suggestions… but I may have to make best story “best SHORT story.” lol I know mine can tell a good, looonnnggg story. ;)

I LOVE seeing you on FB, btw!! ♥ Michelle


Love the building block cakes!!!! Happy Early Birthday to your little guy!!! Can’t wait to hear how the party goes. I can’t think of any additional categories right now but if I come up with any I will definitely let you know!


Girl, I loved the building block cakes, too! But a cookie cake with Lego characters on top won out… I’m sure it had nothing to do with getting a new little kit to use on the top, right? ;) Hope you’re feeling well! ♥ Michelle


Sounds like a super fun party! I loved legos as a child. Hmm categories for judging…

Best use of color
Best feat of engineering
Most architectural
Tallest structure
Most minimalist structure
Most unusual
Most innovative

You can also hand out honorable mentions…not sure how many kiddos are coming.


Great list! Thanks! We’re having 8 children so I think they’ll all get something… I might even make it to where some can win multiple categories since I have so many great ideas now. :) I like most minimalist structure… that’s a good idea! Thank you! ♥ Michelle


We are big Lego fans too!
You have received great suggestions…what about
Most Legos used


Thanks, Amy! I like that one… added it to my list! :) I’m SO glad you’re here and that you joined the discussion! ♥ Michelle

the inadvertent farmer

Tallest, most colorful, best use of lego people, most likely to fall down, strangest, most imaginative, the one you would like to live in (or drive) most.

Just a reminder that we are getting near the end of the kinderGARDENS series and I’m urging everyone to link up as often as possible with their best posts. Soon the judges will be looking them over!

Have a happy Thursday! Kim


Great ideas, Kim… you are SO creative! Love “the one you would like to live in (or drive) most”… would have never thought of that one on my own! :)

My garden and sunflower maze totally fizzled, but maybe I’ll post about that and link up… if that’s okay. :) ♥ Michelle

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