Beauty in the Undesirable

by SomeGirl on March 14, 2012 · 13 comments

Many times the undesirable aspects of life hold so much beauty…

Weeds that show forth lovely colors,

Dishes made dirty by wonderful food,

Clothes worn by loved ones, waiting to be washed,

Meals brought by friends when you’re battling illness….

So much beauty.


How have you seen that to be true in your life?



Robert Moon

It rained today – very hard – – which was good! Our three dogs enjoyed running in the rain, and they were soaked. They thought they should come into the house as they usually do, but we did not consider them presentable. Sometimes we want to come before the Lord, but we need to gather a towel and wipe off some of that which has sticked to us until we are presentable to come into His presence.

Shelly Miller

You are so right, there is beauty in what we consider undesirable. We just have to have new eyes to see it that way. Perspective is everything. Your photos are lovely. Anything with a bloom, even a weed, draws me in.


Beautiful pictures…reminders of God’s beauty


Beautiful words and reminder of God’s beauty.

Sylvia R

So beautifully brief and, in its brevity so beautiful — and true. Yes, I love to look at the weeds, the rain clouds, the moss on bricks, and see God’s beauty in them. You remind me that this is the way to look at the fingerprints on the door and the clothes in the laundry bin, too. Thank you. Hope you are getting well now.


OH, you’re looking at weeds again. That makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face. :) Beautiful post, friend!


I needed to read this today. Thanks! :)

jean Wise

Oh we so forget to be grateful for dirty dishes and such. This post is a great reminder. I did give thanks this morning for hot showers and clean clothes. Also thanks for having this meme. fun to discover a few new blogs.

Laurie Collett

We were taking an elderly relative to the hospital for what would be her last visit before she passed away from ovarian cancer. As we walked through the crowded parking lot in Manhattan, she pointed out a delicate, pale blue flower peeking through a crack in the asphalt. Just a weed in a shabby place on a sad occasion, yet a gentle reminder that God loves us and that He speaks to us through His unexpected beauty.
Love in Him,


A great perspective! Beauty truly is in the eyes of the Beholder!

Ms. Kathleen

Wonderful thoughts — Love the dirty dishes made by wonderful food. I’ll never look at dirty dishes the same again :) Hugs!

Penny Schultz

So enjoy your blog. Today’s photos were very nice. I love to take photos, too, of anything and everything I find beautiful. Out of doors, in the back yard, traveling down the road, on a vacation. I have thousands of them. Today yours reminded me to get the camera out and get some new views of God’s beautiful world. Thanks


A great reminder! Appreciation! You are such a beautiful person, Michelle!

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