Unending {Day Thirty One}

by SomeGirl on October 31, 2011 · 2 comments

As I fly far above the earth, making my way home to the ones I love so dearly, I have time to reflect upon these last 31 days. And am beyond thankful that the Lord has rained down revival upon my soul, upon our souls…. Praise be to God!

I pray today that God would continue the good work He has begun in us.

For I am mindful that the rain is wonderful and refreshing, yet temporary, and the ground dries up soon after it stops. But the waters of a spring never cease to flow.

May God create in us springs of life-giving, love-producing water that bubble up and out of the depths of our souls.

And may we walk in the assurance that we are loved and our prayers are heard!



You are more loving and kind than we can comprehend.

You are more good than we can know.

You love us and sing over us.

You are the Great I Am and the most intimate Lover of our souls.

We can’t fathom the depths of Your love and do not understand Your ways, yet we trust You.

We trust You with our lives and trust You to continue the work You’ve begun in us.

May You be glorified.



Thank you SO much for praying with and for me these past 31 days!

{praying for you}


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


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Love this. You are so sweet. Safe travels.


Amen! And thanks, Michelle!

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