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We’ve been “unplugged” with no phone or interrnet service the last few days just outside of Garberville, California. It’s beautiful and nice to just rest, throw rocks and explore nature.

We went into town near our campsite to eat pizza and while we’re here I thought I’d upload a few pics. On our way to town we drove through a tree… literally!

You may have noticed our varied clothing above… It’s been between 55 and 81 degrees here. Sure beats 100*, but I did miss the Texas heat a bit when we tried to hang out at the beach today and it was too cold (62*) at 3:00pm. (brrrr)

Btw, San Francisco was great. Chinatown was fun. Spending time with our friends was lovely. The sea lion was entertaining and the ER staff was very kind and helpful (for those who didn’t see on twitter or FB: our littlest one battled a 3 hour episode of croup early Monday morning. Nothing would settle it down at the hotel – shower steam, outdoor air… So I took him to the ER where they put him on oxygen and gave him steroids. It took a couple of hours for him to get back to normal and it was VERY scary for us both! His breathing is fine now… Praise be to God and thanks to the wonderful staff at the hospital! I asked if we ought to stay around town a bit just to make sure he’d be okay, but the doctor told us he’d be fine now and to go have fun. So, we did and he was right! :) (Although, I did ask for a dose or two of steroids to take with us, just in case.)

I hope to see you again soon. We have one more night in this campground and then we’re headed up the coast. Hopefully we’ll have good internet connections in the future, but for now I’m really enjoying our unplugged time! Hope you’re enjoying some special times with your loved ones, too!


I wrote this on Wednesday, thinking I’d surely be able to connect to the internet with my iPad somewhere in town… that wasn’t the case. :) Now, it’s late Friday evening and we’ve enjoyed two nice days driving the east coast shoreline on Highway 101 and playing at the beach (with slightly warmer weather.) I’ll post pictures soon!

If you’re wondering, we’re in Newport, Oregon heading toward Seattle tomorrow.



When you cross from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, WA, WAVE and say hi. Because you will be driving right through my home town!


I will!! :) FUN!


So glad your little guy is doing well now. Scary. And love that tree you drove through!

Dave & Peg

It is great to hear and see more. now in Canada. We have always really liked Banff.

For a while, we were wondering what happened to you… afraid you might have been eaten by a bear or fallen off a glacier while climbing to the top of one of the peaks above Moraine Lake! :) (it is a good thing that the most salable pics are shot from down below, looking up)

I hope you get to stop to see Hank & Hannah & Eika, Henry, Evangeline, Jude. They have a washer and dryer! ;)

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