Valentine’s Day Tradition for Children

by SomeGirl on February 6, 2010

Now, I’m not a big gushy-mushy valentine’s person, but there is a part of the day that I remember with great fondness… As a child, I LOVED waking up to find some special surprise outside my door (usually a heart shaped box of chocolates with some fun character on the front). I enjoyed that so much that we’ve carried the tradition on in our family. We try to keep it small, nothing like a birthday present,  just something simple.  We all love this tradition… my husband likes picking out something small and sweet, the boys can’t wait to find what’s been left, and I love seeing the anticipation and joy in my boys (since I know that feeling first hand). This year we’re surprising them each with small heart-shaped boxes of candy (one with a monster truck and one with sports balls) and a small toy (a little football and a small Lego set). Now, I feel like one of those commercials…

Candy: $1

Toys: $5

Joy of the morning: priceless

Here’s another neat idea… find a special container that you use each year to fill with something special (like the photo above).  Later the container could be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf as a beautiful reminder of the sweet days gone by. Love it! Maybe I’ll be on the look out for a nice container and store it away with the Easter baskets, and Halloween pumpkin pails. ♥

Oh, I forgot to mention that I  usually pick up a pack of coupons from McDonald’s for $1.29… it has 12 coupons (usually 3 for free ice cream, 3 for free apple dippers/french fries, 3 for a free milk jug/apple juice, 3 for free hamburgers). All for just $1.29!

Here’s a CUTE Healthy Valentine’s Treat for Children (the MacGyver mom way).

And here are some more great gift ideas for children this Valentine’s Day (from Milk and Cookies at

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