Want to Know Why I Visit Other Blogs?

by SomeGirl on September 22, 2010 · 34 comments

Because just last night I…

Found WONDERFUL instructions for making a travel journal for our family road trip to New England in 4 weeks.

Laughed at a funny video about hand sanitizer at church.

Read some great motivational quotes.

Was strongly persuaded to buy a 5 point harness and ditch the lap belt booster seat for my 3.5 year old by a MUST SEE video!!

Learned how to make a killer dippy egg sandwich.

Read GREAT tips on how to use gentle discipline with my children.

Found a great idea for free babysitting.

Asked the question, “What is Watergate?” Realizing I should have paid attention in history class instead of looking out the window. (lol… that was for you, Judy!) ;) Seriously though, found a DELICIOUS looking Watergate cake recipe!

Answered the question, “Am I being real?”

Was convicted over areas I need to pray and seek personal and spiritual growth.

Found the kind of mom I wish I was, but am not (not that I’m comparing, just wishing)… in the meantime I’ll share some of her GREAT early childhood activities!

Joyfully celebrated the start of my FAVORITE season… Autumn!! (today marks the official start, btw) and was reminded that in every season there is beauty, an opportunity for growth and learning, a reason to give thanks.

Was reminded that we’ve been blessed to be a blessing.

Awed at the creative genius of my friend and her blogger/commenter nut descriptions… turns out we’re all a little nutty!

Stood amazed at the beauty of our Creator and His creation!

Smiled as I looked at a friend’s life and the hidden blessing inside it.

Found a great tip to be used with our Goodbye Junk Challenge.

Learned that sometimes the road blocks in life lead to BEAUTIFUL detours.

Was impressed by the random act of kindness done by a teenager.

Was reminded to be thankful in my circumstances, honest in my interaction with God, purposeful with my life, and content with who I am (by following Him). (4 different posts)

Saw the “magic” that God sprinkles around, His unblemished, all powerful, awesome, worthy of praise holiness, and His personal care for us. (3 different posts)

Out of the hands of a babe I was taught how to freely let go of things that are precious to me and by someone else I was reminded of what is truly precious.

That’s just a few reasons why I visit other blogs. :) What about you?


Stef @ Layton Family Joy

I am so thankful you stop by other blogs (and leave such great comments)



Aw, thanks! I’m glad you write such GREAT posts! :)


Wow! Great list of links! Thank you for including one of mine. :) It is always a blessing to come to your blog. :)


Thanks, Sherry! Btw, I could have shared many more than the two I did!


Ooops! I feel sheepish. I didn’t even see the 2nd.. Sorry.


It sounds like there are quite a few blogs I need to go check out now. Perhaps during naptime today.


Hope you find some you enjoy! :)


Love this Michelle! Can’t wait to read your Mission Statement!

Thanks for the mention,


You’ll be one of the first I share it with! :)


Reading this I found myself going right-click +new tab. Lots of great reading to be had!

Thanks for mentioning me too. :)


Glad to have done it! Hope you enjoyed and were encouraged by what you found!

Cranberry Morning

Thank you for the great ‘review’ of my travel journal post! So nice of you to include it in your list. Now go purchase that Cambridge drawing pad and glue stick . :-)


I have it on my list of things to buy! Thanks, Judy!


Wow! This is awesome! What a great idea for sharing new blogs with all your readers. I love it! I’m so thankful of your unending willingness to take the time to leave inspirational comments on all of our blogs. It means so much! Thanks for the sweet mention here, Michelle! I’m so grateful to have “met” you through our blogs/Twitter.



Awwww… you’re so sweet, Laura! Thank you!! I’m so glad we met, too!! ♥


Thanks for the mention sweet friend!! I’m amazed at how much I learn as well by reading posts every day!!


You are so good at visiting and encouraging other blogs! What a sweet friend!! Thank you! ♥


What a wonderful way to share the linky love- you always inspire me, sister! Thanks for including me in your list :)


Aw, thanks, Natalie! That means a lot to me! ♥

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

Thanks SO much for including me in your list, Michelle! Wow – so many great posts to read! I’m always amazed at how much inspiration and information I can gain by reading other people’s blogs!


You’re welcome, Deb! You are always so encouraging, how could I not include you in my list?!! :)


I look forward to looking these up. I am headed to Relevant and know NO ONE! Hope to see you there. Thanks for sharing!


I look forward to meeting you!!


I decided to spend the evening catching up on some of my favorite blogs. And after reading yours I’m glad I did!

Natalie (aka PaperFlora)


It’s GREAT to “see” you here, Natalie! Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle


Michelle, You are too sweet! Thank-you!! I am really enjoying going through this list!! It’s amazing how much we can all learn from one another! What a blessing!


It is amazing, I agree! Hope you found some great new blogs through the list! :) Thanks again for your great ideas!

Betsy Henry zen-mama.com

You have put together so many wonderful people in this post. If this was a party we would all be talking the night through…I have tears in my eyes because you are too wonderful to remember me in your post and include me with so many incredible people!! Can’t wait to read everyone’s blog.


Oh, wouldn’t that be a WONDERFUL party?! I just love you, my friend! Have I ever told you how often I’ve wished I could pick up the phone and call you?? It’s a blessing to know you and have you on this list! {HUGS}


Better hurry, the leaves are changing quickly in my area of New England! But it’s still gorgeous and so much to do!


Oh, I hope they’re still lovely at the end of October! I’d go earlier if we could, but we’re hooking our trip up with The Relevant Conference (10/21). I bet it’s BEAUTIFUL!!


I learn so much from reading other blogs! I love learning how to run my home from organized people, and cook from great home chefs, and I especially love reading honest posts from other women & moms, like yourself.

thanks! :)


Aw, thanks Michelle!! ♥


Aw, thanks for including me! Your blog rocks. That’s coming from one nut to another. ;)

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