A Long Plastic Piece of Pure Summer Enjoyment

by SomeGirl on June 3, 2010 · 11 comments

The boys had lots of fun playing in the water yesterday. We bought a little Slip and Slide on clearance at Target (not pictured). We got home and  put it together with a friend who was over to play. We were all so excited! The boys lined up at the end of the long, plastic piece of pure summer enjoyment (at least that’s the way I remember it) and took off! They plopped their bodies down on the end and slid a foot or two. We soaped it up and they slipped a little bit more. Our slip and slide was a dud.

The boys looked at me with the same level of excitement and said, “Can we bring out the slide??!!” (imagine cute little puppies, nodding, jumping and wagging their tails)

Ugh, I really dislike setting up and  taking down the slide (I also dislike the dead grass that comes when I leave the slide up too long because I dislike putting it up so much). I thought about it a minute and then opened the garage to do something for them that they would really enjoy even though it meant a little work for me. I had, after all, blogged that I was  going to fraddle with the boys… and sometimes fraddling means doing something for others that you really don’t want to do.

So, today’s Thought Provoking Thursday is to encourage us to think about saying yes the next time we want to say no… the next time someone asks you to do something that might inconvenience you, but bring that person great joy.

Now, I have a big muddy mess and a slide to go put away (but the memory of 2 very happy boys). :) Hope you have a GREAT day and the opportunity to say, “Yes!” ♥ Michelle

PS. My littlest one wanted the life vest on… I didn’t encourage that for the slide. :)


Cranberry Morning

That looks like an amazing amount of fun!! Good for you. And you’re right – the kids will remember that fun forever! LOVE the life vest – just in case. ;-) Aren’t kids just like that!

Thanks for your comment, by the way. How nice that you’re following!

kelly hoosier

Every morning, the first thing my 2 yo does is put on his swimming trunks. Makes saying yes to going outside a lot easier when he’s being so cute. Sometimes, he forgets to take his underwear off first :D


So much fun! Thanks for calling us over to join you. Let me know if you want a little help putting it up, I’ll be happy to help.

Rachel Pereira

How fun, and thanks for the reminder to say, “yes!!” =)


So-o cute! And good challenge!!


Thanks for the comments!! I LOVE hearing from you!! ♥ Michelle


I used to always start to say No when my kids were younger and asked to cook something. The mess! And the results were usually not edible :) But they loved it, so I tried to say yes most of the time, and ignore the messes. The same with playing in the mud; my boys loved playing outside after a nice rain that left the yard in puddles of nice mud. It made me cringe, but it brought them so much joy, I had to say yes. Well worth it!

And the vest – adorable!


I woke up thinking about your comment this morning… their enjoyment is worth the mess, isn’t it? I’ll try to remember that! ;) Thanks, Sherri!

Hope your son’s funds come in well and that your garage sale was a success! ♥ Michelle


You definitely gave your children many great memories just from that one day. You are an amazing mom!


You are always so sweet! Thank you!


That looks SO fun! I’m glad you decided to get it out!

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