What Happens In Texas

by SomeGirl on January 10, 2011 · 12 comments

Want to see what goes on around here between posts? :)

We take advantage of the membership my sweet sister (and brother)-in-love gave us to The Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth. We LOVE that place!

We celebrate cousins’ birthdays complete with balloon art.

We go with friends to play dodgeball.

And we get giddy about snow…

Even if it only lasts a couple of hours. ;)

And we have “Cookie School!” (more on that tomorrow).

What have you been up to? Did you get any snow?


Betsy at Zen Mama

What great pictures! And what a happy family!


Thanks, Betsy! ♥

Cranberry Morning

Love the photos! Snow in Texas is magical, isn’t it! Snow in Wisconsin is tiresome. :-)


It’s all in the amount, isn’t it? Hang in there… it’s more than halfway over, right? (And the days are getting longer! Sounds like your husband, hu?)


LOVE, love, love these pics! Glad to see what you’ve been up to lately!! I’ve missed you, friend! =)


Thanks, Rachel! Missed you, too! And I LOVE hearing your voice when I read your words!!


Hey, we got snow too! Imagine that. ;) And the best part? The boys were at nana’s getting wet and muddy and all that with her… I got to just watch and enjoy the snowfall from inside my comfy warm house for a change. Hooray for Nana’s!

Beautiful pics!


Imagine that! ;) lol Perfect timing for Nana’s. :)

Hey, it’s nearly our anniversary, btw!


We got six inches, which was a very big deal. The state still hasn’t recovered!

I need to take my kids to a museum like that soon; we’ve gone to one in Atlanta before, but I definitely need to go with back-up. Three little kids and just me in a kids’ museum is asking for trouble! ;)

I’m glad you’re having fun!


If you lived close I’d go with you! :) (Lots of help that is, hu?)

Six inches would be a very big deal here, too. Funny how areas like ours shut down when snow hits. :)

I like getting your posts through email now, thanks for setting that back up! ♥


You got snow?! I am so not telling my kids. We’re south of you and it was just bitterly cold (at least by Central Texas standards). My kids play in packing peanuts and pretend it is snow. :-)


How cute! It has been bitterly cold, hasn’t it?! Hope you’re staying warm! :)

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