My First What I Wore Wednesday (and a few photography tips)

by SomeGirl on April 26, 2011 · 13 comments

I’ve often admired those cute Wednesday posts about what my favorite bloggers wore during the week (What I Wore Wednesday: a blog hop from The Pleated Poppy). But, I’ve not thought I’d be able to take part in it. As a matter of fact, I’ve OFTEN thought, “I could NEVER show pictures of what I wore this past week. I wouldn’t want anyone to see the way I looked!”

Then, I did our 25 items or less challenge last week (see it here) and SURPRISE! I’m actually able to take and post pictures of what I wore with confidence!

I’m so glad to be able to share (and to look much more presentable than I have in the recent past).

While I’m at it, and since it’s Wednesday (photography day), I’m going to throw in a few photography tips. :)

Let me start with something I learned while my husband so kindly played along with me these past few days and took photos of what I was wearing, LOTS of photos trying to get 1 or 2 that looked decent… ;)

Photos taken of people standing around posing are never as cute as photos taken of people doing things.



Some people are not very photogenic (ME!) and if you can capture their personality in the photo you’ll have a MUCH nicer picture than one of them standing looking at the camera.

And sometimes the details alone make REALLY cute shots. :)



Next, for those of you who are like me, not wanting to have your picture taken and thinking you look awful in 9 out of 10 shots, therefore you hide when the camera comes out or avoid getting caught by the lens…

Your family (and children if you have them) will want to have photos of you in the future. They’ll want to have printed images of you to look back on and remember. Please step out in front of the lens for their sake… Do something you love and let yourself be caught on camera! They’ll thank you for it one day. (Thanks for this tip, Kristen!)

So… back to the What I Wore Wednesday post, what exactly did I wear?

Black Dress: Wonderful find from Goodwill.

Turquoise Posy Pin: A gift from The Pleated Poppy and Dayspring at The Relevant Conference last year… LOVE it!

Red Top: Target (on the shelves now)

Headband: Versatile scarf from Sam Moon (local jewelry, purse, accessory store with incredibly LOW cost)

Black Pants: Goodwill (can you tell I’m a thrifter? Notice the Longaberger basket on the floor back there? Found it for 75 cents at Goodwill the other day!)

Black Sweater: Target forever ago (thinking about dying it to make darker black soon)

LOVELY black flowers on sweater: Paper Flora…a handmade shoppe (LOVE these! They are lightly tacked on and I plan on moving them around to different outfits to give different looks.) Get them here!

Necklace: MOB Society necklace by Lisa Leonard (m.o.b. = mother of boys) gifted to me on my 40th birthday last year by my SWEET friend, Michelle from ♥ Thank you, Shell!

Turquoise Shirt, Black Skirt and White tank: Target last year. LOVE the tank… it’s from the maternity section and is SUPER long.

Shoes: Fit Flops from forever ago when they first came out… they’re all you’ll see me in this summer.

And the BEST thing I wore this week that made all the difference in how I looked and felt…

a SMILE. :)


I’ve told a few friends I would share what items I chose for our challenge, so… aside from the shoes, flowers and necklace, that’s 8 of my 25 items. Here are the rest:

1 turquoise t-shirt like the red one above

2 sundresses

1 long, casual dress

1 denim skort

1 easy-to-throw-on-and-go-somewhere pair of running pants (that have never been “run” in). ;)

1 pair of jeans that I might trade out later with shorts.

1 white shirt with flowers embroidered on it by my sweet and talented mother-in-love.

1 pair of socks

1 floral skirt

and 5 personal items. ;)

BTW, laundry is still going so well and life it still so much more enjoyable (and the bags are still sitting at my back door… need to do something about that). ;)

Thanks for checking out what I wore. :) Want to see what other cute gals have been wearing? Check their posts out at The Pleated Poppy Blog.

the pleated poppy blog

For my stock photography friends, click here for today’s post on removing purple fringing.




Purdy! :)


I just joined WIWW a few weeks ago and it has been super fun!
You look so stinkin’ cute in these photos! Keep it up!

Alicia @ Alicia's Homemaking

So fun!
You look like you’re not even touching 30….when you said something about your 40th birthday, my jaw dropped open. :)


You are adorable. That is all.


So true about pictures of people doing things! My husband, THE photographer in our house, would rather I not take my pictures in mirror! But I told him that is what most people do! :)

Love your 25 things – inspiring!

Hannah @ A Quiet Spot

I love your photo tips! I just did my second WIWW, and I’ve been taking photos of myself in a full-length mirror, which feels weird, but posing for photos has never been my thing either. If I do WIWW again, I may try out your suggestion of having someone take “action” shots. Thanks for that!

(And your outfits are totally cute, BTW.)

denise @ victory rd.

so glad you popped by my blog.

you and your blog are DARLING!

i agree with your statement “the best thing i wore this week was my smile.”
honestly, it’s the best thing i ever put on (when i remember).


“Your family (and children if you have them) will want to have photos of you in the future.”

This is SO TRUE! My FIL passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago. We were looking for photos of him to display at the funeral, and we couldn’t find many at all. We had one from our wedding, and one from my SIL’s wedding – and that’s about it. We couldn’t put our hands on any more recent photos (SIL’s been married 12 years). We found NONE with the grandkids, although my husband thinks he has one, just one, archived somewhere – and in his words, ‘It’s not very good.” Neither of my in-laws like having their photo taken, but I so wish we had pushed the issue a bit more with my FIL, and you can bet we will now with my MIL, even if they are all candids so she doesn’t have to look at the camera!

So, next time your kids are with their grandparents, or the next time you head out with your kids camera in hand, snap away, and be sure to take a group shot! Even if everyone doesn’t look perfect – and sometimes the best photos are the ones where they don’t – you’ll have those photos later on when you really want them!

Jenny @ The Southern Institute

I am SOOOOOO impressed that you have cut your wardrobe down to those things. You look super cute! Have fun with WIWW!

Deb Chitwood

Good idea to combine What I Wore Wednesday with photography tips. Great advice about the action shots – and about remembering to get in front of the camera sometimes! Loved the photos, too – especially the ones on the swing!


Cute! And I must state that I just LOOOOVE that pic of you and your son on the swings, with him looking at you, that is just priceless!


You look great, Michelle. And you are right. Loved ones will want pictures someday. (I HATE having my picture taken. HATE. But in December I actually *gasp* did a maternity photo session. *HUGE GASP* No one really knows though. LOL. But there is one of me outside with my first son, obviously pregnant, and {I actually like the picture}…

You are beautiful! I have to admit I haven’t watered outside in quite a while and the last time I did…I was not wearing a dress! :)



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