What is Happening to Me????!!

by SomeGirl on May 25, 2010 · 23 comments

Who knew becoming a blogger would make me a READER!!!??? I just found ANOTHER great book from a blog tour at 29 Lincoln Avenue… I don’t know whether to thank Stacey for the free download of One Million Arrows Chapter 1 or to curse her for adding another book to my growing “Must Read” list!! lol (I’m sure the answer is to thank her, but did I ever mention that I HATE to read???) ;)

So, here’s my ever growing list of GREAT books to read (being added to weekly… oh my!):

Radical by David Platt (currently on chapter 5)
How to be a Zen Mama by Betsy McKee Henry (currently on chapter 11)
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns
Forgotten God by Francis Chan
and now…
One Million Arrows by Julie Ferwerda

And these books have been suggested if I venture into fiction (but as much as I normally hate to read, I REALLY HATE to read fiction… but, who knows, maybe I’ll learn to like it… strange things seem to be happening around here! ;) ):

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah


And now I’ve been dying to share my FAVORITE new shirt with you (from 147millionorphans.com)… I just LOVE it!!!! My husband surprised me with it on Friday… isn’t it GREAT!? (check out their website to see what wonderful things they do to care for orphans with the money from each purchase!)

For those who took part in yesterday’s poll about this blog design, THANK YOU!! (If you haven’t done so, just click here to let me know what you think… Thanks!) ♥ And thank you all for the feed back on last week’s posts: Giving Out of Our Abundance and It Always Comes Back to Coke with Me… I really appreciate your feedback!

Btw, If any of you are rules followers like me and you’re wondering why I’m on the computer during my designated off time (which you’re probably not, but I might be if I were you), it’s because I went on a breakfast date this morning with my oldest son. He’s been wanting to learn about “going on date” since my husband and I go on one each week…. He picked out a restaurant that he knew I would like (Taco Bueno, of course!), rang the doorbell,  opened doors, asked genuinely interested questions, made nice conversation, was respectful and considerate, and I was in awe of what a NEAT guy he’s growing to be… I’m thankful for being able to be his Mom and REALLY enjoyed that special time with him! So, I’m giving myself a little extra time to write this post since we didn’t get home until after 10am… not that anyone really cares about my computer schedule other than me. ;)

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Sarah Jessica

Good for you becoming a reader! I teach college reading course and trying to get someone to like reading is hard. Discovering what you like to read then reading it is the best way. Enjoy!


Yeah, finding what you like to read sure does make a difference, doesn’t it!? :) Thanks for commenting! ♥ Michelle


My friend Stacey is full of good reads! She is so wise – I adore her! (I read Crazy Love – wow)!!



She’s great, isn’t she!? And I can’t wait to read Crazy Love… I hear it’s awesome! Have you see his videos? They’re good, too!

Rachel Pereira

My hubby just finished Crazy Love. It’s on my list now!! Heard it’s great! BTW, loved that you had a sweet date w/ your son!! How special!! =)


Oooh… let’s both read it and talk about it! (I just can’t wait to meet you in October!!)

The date was so sweet… it was a really neat time with him and eye-opening to what a neat young man he’s becoming at just 7! I’d highly recommend it with your little guy in the future! ♥

Rachel Pereira

Can’t wait to meet you too!! =) I’ll plan to start reading it soon!!


Love to read…Love your shirt…


And I love that you’re here! ♥ Michelle

(Thanks for commenting!)


How cool to have a date with your son! Just might be stealing that idea!


Steal away, Girl! It’s was really a neat time… I’d HIGHLY recommend it! Remind me to tell you about some of the neat things next time we’re together! :)


YES! Read The Poisonwood Diary!!!! It is wonderful and thoughtful and now Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors ever! Really, it is a wonderful book and you’ll LOVE it!


You’re the second person who has raved about it to me recently… I just might be sold on it! ;) Thanks, Gwen! ♥ Michelle


What a nice idea about having a date with your son. I have heard of fathers taking their daughters out, but haven’t thought much about this since my kids are still little.


Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about fathers taking daughters, too… but I figure the boys need to learn about how to be gentlemen on a date and what better way than to practice. ;) We pretended and I slipped in little motherly tips about open ended questions and how to treat a girl with honor and respect…. it was really neat (and eye opening to what a neat young man my boy is becoming)! Definitely something I’d recommend!

Btw, thank you so much for commenting! ♥ Michelle


Oooops- sorry for the above comment :)

coming from iFellowship. LOVE your blog and ilove the 147millionorphans site too.



That’s funny… I saw the first comment and it looked like spam, but I knew your url! lol

Thanks for your sweet comment!! ♥ Michelle


I love that T-shirt!!!

Just visiting from iFellowship. I’m following you on your new GFC too.



Seriously, isn’t it the GREATEST shirt!? Are you going to Relevant? I’m excited about wearing it there! :)

Thanks so much for filling my lonely GFC box! :D And thanks for commenting! ♥ Michelle


I LOVE to read! Good for you! A few of those are on my list too… Poisonwood Bible… such an AMAZING book! I still miss those characters sometimes.


Oooh… you make it sound that book sound so good… I just finished one book, so I’m getting closer to trying fiction out! :) Thanks for the comment… can’t believe it took me a week to reply… where does the time go???

Btw, I was in your lovely state over the weekend… Oklahoma. :)


I agree! I was never a big reader until I started blogging! :-) Thanks for entering the Marie-Madeline giveaway over at Ordinary Inspirations. I’m your newest follower.

I look forward to getting to know you more!



Yay! I look forward to getting to know you, too!! ♥ Michelle

(I’m so embarrassed it’s taken me a week to get back to your comment… please forgive me? Where does the time go???)

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