What Matters Most

by SomeGirl on June 14, 2011

I’m guest posting today at my sweet friend, Marci’s place – Overcoming Busy. Here’s a peek into the thoughts I’m sharing over there as a part of her What Matters Most series:



I’ve had so many thoughts lately about the needs of others all over the world…

Those with no shoes for their bare feet.

The masses in makeshift houses in slum districts.

A billion thirsty without clean water.

147 million children with no parents.

Churches struggling financially.

Moms desperate for knowledge on how to parent their children.

And, as I think about these needs, I get motivated to make a difference, hopeful of a future change, and oh-so passionate about it!

I’ve rallied up the forces to donate shoes, food, household goods…

I’ve tweeted, FBed, blogged about various needs, hoping that my words can somehow make an impact.

My heart breaks for the orphans and the thirsty. My family financially supports different organizations in an effort to provide for their needs.

We’ve housed those in trouble and spent much time praying and encouraging men and women in difficult situations.

We’ve done a lot, but we’ve not always done what matters most.

You see… (continue reading here)

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