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by SomeGirl on February 1, 2010

Well, here’s what has gone on in my head and heart so far concerning the $50 I found…. Yesterday I woke up with the thought, “Give it away.” As one of my best friends says, “God whispers His thoughts to our thoughts.” It definitely seems like a God whispered thought. My first instinct, as an entrepreneur, is do something with it… grow it and give it. I’m sure it’s not my thought to simply, “Give it away.”  So, yesterday at church I kept thinking about who God might want us to give it to. Something was announced at church that we felt might be a good thing to give the money to, so we talked to the Pastor and he’ll let us know by Thursday if the money will be needed. (I’d tell you more, but we really want this to be anonymous) I also thought about breaking the $50 up into $1’s and going around with my boys just randomly giving it to people as we see/sense need… It was so sweet when I mentioned this to my children yesterday on the way to church and asked them to pray to see who God might want us to give the money to; I looked back in the car a few minutes later and saw my oldest one closing his eyes in earnest prayer. So, we’ll see what the Pastor says this week. And if the money’s not needed and we don’t have a clear direction, maybe we’ll just start handing it out and telling people God loves them with it. :) Oh, btw, we thought about using it to sponsor a child through Compassion International, but we’re going to do that this month anyway, and since we’ll have the extra money to do it from my husband’s increase in income we decided to not use the $50 there. And I still have some items left on craigslist to send money to Haiti if you’re interested. :)

photo from here (I like the way the palms of the hands come together to look like a heart)

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