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Where Does Your Beauty Come From? (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on October 6, 2010 · 28 comments

I went to a photoshoot with my husband yesterday and I left wondering:

“Where does my beauty come from?”

Am I concentrating on the external and temporal beauty of hair, skin and clothes? Or am I developing a lasting beauty of a joyful, calm, quiet heart?

Something I’ve been thinking about since I saw this beautiful model from yesterday’s shoot. Thought I’d pass along the thought…

Where does your beauty come from?

Something to think about.

Have you written a thought-provoking post lately?

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You are beautiful outside, but your REAL beauty comes from deep inside…that place where all the good deeds and encouraging comes from!!


Awwwww, you’re SO sweet, Shell!! Thank you!! (It takes one [REAL beauty] to know one!) :)

Alicia The Snowflake

Great thoughts my friend! I do hope my beauty comes from the inside because some days I don’t feel like the outside is very beautiful. But then again, some days, I don’t feel like the inside is very beautiful either. Thankfully, though, God’s not finished with me yet!


I know what you mean, Alicia! Thanks be to God He’s not finished with us yet! (note: that beautiful model has had 80-90 years to develop her beauty… we’ve got time for him to continue our beauty treatments.) ;)


I am trying to work on my joyful, calm, quiet heart. Not always sure that I am getting it right but my hope is to continue to work in that direction. Because honestly, just how beautiful can the outside be if the inside is struggling?

Something to think about. Thank you.


“…just how beautiful can the outside be if the inside is struggling?” So true! Here’s to continuing to develop our joyful, calm, quiet hearts! :)


Absolutely love this picture…..I think I know that true beauty comes from the inside, but it sure is easy to become caught up in the exteriors…..praying that God would cultivate a sweet, humble, and unselfish spirit in me!! By the way, you have the best of both worlds..beautiful inside AND out! =) Love ya!


Awww, thank you, Rachel!! Love you, too!

It *is* so easy to get caught up in the exteriors and forget what really matters! Wish it weren’t so!

But, I tell you the truth, “sweet, humble and unselfish” are definitely words I would use to describe you!! (and “beautiful” for sure!!)


Beautiful post, Michelle. And you’re so right. We get so caught up in the world’s version of beauty that we forget that beauty comes from many places – including our heart. Thanks for the great reminder!

Okay…I think I’m clueless when it comes to the linky thingy. Tried to add my link, but not sure if it went. LOL! So…I’ll share it again here. Who am I? How did I get here?:


Thank you, Laura!

It is SO easy to get caught up in the world’s version of beauty! And the world’s version of beauty is so distorted and “photoshopped”… one of the main reasons I like Dove’s Real Beauty ads… finally media starting to make a change! (oops, starting to step up on a soap box…. stepping down now.) ;) lol

(Great thought-provoking post, btw! Thanks for linking up!)

Heidi B

That’s a great topic, Michelle. I have been meditating on that issue myself. To me, if reminds me of scripture in Galatians when Paul is saying that if he was seeking man’s approval, he would not be a servant of Christ. I think is is easy to focus too much on our outward appearance because it gains us approval by men (the world). But Paul is teaching us that you can not desire the worlds approval and be Christ’s servant. I believe God is working on this issue in my own heart. I’m not there yet, but still in progress.


Great verse for this topic, Heidi! I’ve never thought of it in this light, but it’s so true. We’ve been shown over and over in scripture what is pleasing to God, yet we try so hard to attain what is pleasing to “men.” Thank you for sharing this! Something really good to think about! {HUGS}

Deb Chitwood

Great thought, Michelle! There’s much we can learn from the wisdom of older people who have found contentment. I’ve noticed that the more I take time for prayer and meditation, the more I’m able to remember that inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty. With society’s emphasis on external beauty, it definitely takes some effort to keep things completely in perspective! And I love all the wonderful things you do to keep the emphasis on what’s important!


Oh, does it ever take so much effort! The world presses hard on us women to try to be what no woman can really be… here’s to a break away from that mold we’re being pressed into!! Prayer and meditation are GREAT tools to use to break free! Thank you for that reminder! (and thank you for your kind, kind words!!) ♥ ♥ ♥

Betsy Henry

When I went back to my 25th reunion a couple of weeks ago, my old thoughts came back with me. I felt insecure about the very pretty girls I knew back then. Should I wear more make up? Shouldn’t I have gotten my hair cut before I went? Maybe I should get rid of these clothes? Suddenly I thought, wait! I’m 47 years old and very happy with who I am!!

Here’s a quote that I think is right for this post: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Beautiful quote! Isn’t it amazing how quickly those thoughts and feelings can creep into our mind? Way to go standing up to them (the thoughts and feelings)! You are beautiful and being happy with who you are makes you all the more beautiful!! (Thanks for sharing this with us, btw! It’s great to learn from each other through our experiences! And thanks for linking up!) ♥

Erin @ Closing Time

Definitely thought provoking, especially as I try to figure out what to wear to Relevant, worry about what people will think of me, etc… Thanks for sharing this today (or yesterday, that is…I’m a little behind in my reading)! :)


Oh, girl! It is so easy to worry about what to wear, how we’ll look and what others will think!! If it makes you feel any better, I have totally cute clothes coming from Soft Surroundings and I’ve been worried that I won’t look good in them!

Here’s to forgetting the former things, the way we used to worry about outward appearance. and seeing things the way God does… looking at our hearts! If the love of God fills our hearts and the joy that He gives us radiates through our smiles, no one will notice what our clothes, hair or makeup look like!! (sorry, getting a little passionate on the subject.) ;) I know I for one will be looking for your BEAUTIFUL heart and smile when we get to Relevant! Can’t wait to see you there!!!!!!! (you are quite beautiful, btw!! And I seem to be living in the land of “behind in my reading.”) ;)


Hahaha… that’s what you get for being at the bottom of the comments… my passion for the subject just kept growing as I replied to the other comments above you. Sorry about that! Didn’t mean to get so crazy in my reply! lol Love ya, Erin! xoxo

Jennifer Davis

What a beautiful picture! We all want to feel beautiful–it’s natural–and I think the more you love yourself as a child of God because He loves you, the more you’ll feel beautiful. And if you are a beautiful person on the inside (which you are), you will automatically radiate and look beautiful on the outside, too (which you do!)


Great point, Jennifer! Thank you! (and thank your for your sweet words!)


That’s a good question. I know the right answer is “Jesus” (He’s always the right answer)…so I’m gonna go with that. That’s my final answer. I hope that anything beautiful in me is Him. And as I get older and things start to sag and wrinkle, I hope He’s even more visible in me than he is now…’cause I would rather Him be seen that my physical imperfections that are increasing by the day!


(oh, I’m embarrassed it took me nearly a week to see I hadn’t replied! *blush*)

For One Million Dollars… Jesus! Congratulations!!! ;)

I love the way you put that “as I get older and things start to sag and wrinkle, I hope He’s even more visible in me than he is now…” Great goal! To make Him more visible than us! I’m going to be thinking about that!

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