It’s Not a Road Trip Without a Stop at Dairy Queen

by SomeGirl on March 1, 2010 · 4 comments

What a GREAT weekend! After fishing Saturday we went to a friend’s birthday party just north of DFW and noticed how beautiful the stars were outside the city lights… it gave us the bug to go on a mini road trip. And, since my husband works for himself as a stock photographer and I home-school, we were able to just pack up and go! So, after church, we drove west of DFW to Sweetwater, TX (with a stop at Dairy Queen, of course). We were looking forward to star gazing, but the cloud cover was too thick to see any stars. That was a bummer, but we were excited by what saw instead… turns out Sweetwater is home to the World’s Largest Wind Farm! I’ve never seen a wind farm in person. This one has 627 wind turbines… it was cool (and kind of freaky for some reason). We took the photo at the top on Sunday evening… there was a break in the clouds around dinner time. The rest of the evening it rained and the next day it SNOWED! But that didn’t bother us since there was a indoor pool and jacuzzi. The boys enjoyed splashing around in the pool while I enjoyed the warmth of the jacuzzi (I’m not crazy!). ;)

And someone asked today where the picture of me in the hot tub is? I’m not that crazy, either! ;)



Looks like a great mini-road trip!

Some Girl

One day we’ll have to take one all together! That would be fun! :)


How fun! The wind farms are incredible to see out in the open, flat plains. We pass through a large one when we drive through Kansas and it is always interesting to see. How awesome that you guys can just pack up and go for a short trip.

Some Girl

Yeah, I may want to pull my hair out with homeschooling sometimes, but being able to get away makes it all worth it. ;)

So, was the Kansas part of your trip as bad as you thought it was going to be?

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