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by SomeGirl on February 21, 2011 · 15 comments

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend a Mom Heart Conference hosted by Sally Clarkson (author of The Mission of Motherhood).

And for the first time in my parenting life I REALLY KNOW MY PURPOSE!! I feel the most passionate and empowered I have ever felt as a mom and it feels SO GOOD!!

Now, don’t you know that I’m DYING to share it with you guys!!?! But, it’s WAY to much too share here in one post!

So, I’ve decided to make a series… I’m calling it Tea Time and inviting anyone who is, or hopes to one day be, a mom to join me!

Here’s the way it will work… each Tuesday I’ll be sharing what I learned at the conference which led me to discover my new found purpose (which is YOUR purpose, too!).

All you need to do is make yourself a nice cup of tea, light a candle, turn on some nice music and join me! I know you will be BLESSED! ( I certainly was!!)

Btw, did you know?

YOU are just the mom God wants for your children!

I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday! Feel free to send this invitation to friends you know who need a little encouragement or are unsure about their purpose in motherhood. I’d LOVE to have tea with them, too! ♥ Michelle


Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

Loved reading your tweeds from the conference and looking forward to ‘tea’ with you! :)


I can’t wait to be reminder of all those great things we learned ‘over tea’!!!


I’m so glad you had an awesome time. I’ve definitely been blessed by your time there already! Looking forward to tea time.


Can’t wait to read about what you have learned! Looking forward to it! :)

Kristin Lemus

Wish I could have met you there. I was there too and so enjoyed it! I look forward to what you share about what you took from it.



This is a WONDERFUL idea! Love it! I keep looking over my notes and struggling to find a way to write a synopsis. The conference was sooo rich. I can’t wait to read your thoughts. And I’ll be here, cup of tea in hand!


Can’t wait Michelle! I would love hearing how Sally inspired your Mom Heart! I know that it will be a blessing!

{can I bring coffee instead?}

Cranberry Morning

What a great idea for a series, Michelle. Sounds like you were so blessed by the conference! All mothers need that type of encouragement to eschew the world’s approval and be the woman God wants them to be.


Oh, what a blessing! :) I can’t wait to see what you gleaned. :)


I can’t wait to read all about this! Thanks for sharing!

Devotion Mama

Great Idea! I look forward to it :)

Betsy at Zen Mama

I love what you said, “You are the mom God wants for your children.” I so believe that. I’ve read that children chose the parents. I like that idea, too. I’ll remind my kids that next time they’re not so happy with me!!

Looking forward to “Tea Time”!


I have been so blessed by her books, I can’t even imagine the fruit from a whole weekend spent with her.


Great idea, Michelle! And you know I love my tea! I’ll be here. *Hugs*


Yay!! SO glad to see so many of my favorite people (YOU) are coming to tea!! I’m looking forward to passing on the encouragement I received and being encouraged all over again through it! Thanks for joining along!! ♥ Michelle

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