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You’re ALL Invited… Hope You Can Come!

by SomeGirl on August 10, 2010 · 38 comments

Please join me here, at SomeGirl’sWebsite, NEXT Wednesday to celebrate my 40th Birthday!! We’ll have LOTS of FUN, laughter and GIVEAWAYS!! The party will run from August 18th – August 27th. Take a peek at some of the WONDERFUL things that you could win… I think you’ll LOVE them! Oh, I REALLY do hope you can come!!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Btw, for those curious, my actual birthday is August 28th. :)


What a SURPRISE and JOY to find out I am the featured blogger for iFellowship this week! Thank you, Seeds of Faith (and Meghan)!! And WELCOME iFellowship friends!!

party balloon photo from here



Here’s my RSVP: Yes! =) Can’t wait! By the way, is your birthday actually on the 18th? Mines the 24th! =)


Yay!! I’m GLAD you’re in!! My best friend’s growing up was on the 24th… I should be able to remember that (must be another reason I love you so)! Happy early Birthday!! ♥ Michelle

Oh, mine’s the 28th, but I wanted to start the party early and be done by my b-day weekend. :)

Angie C.

Hi! And looking forward to the big 4-0. I found your blog through iFellowship and so glad I did! I will definitely be back for the party! :) Have a great day!


I’m glad you did, too!! Look forward to having you celebrate with me!! And to getting to know you!! :) ♥ Michelle


Congrats on being featured!!! How fun!! I’ll definitely be there for your “party” – I’m turning 40 next month!

Have a great iFellowship day!!!


Yay and thank you!! Looks like I’m in GREAT company in the “40 Club!” Happy early birthday! :) ♥ Michelle


I’ll be there! :)


It wouldn’t feel right without you! :)

Ashley @ AP Freewriting

I’ll be here to celebrate with you! :)


Happy Birthday! I’m coming to your party!

Congrats on the iFellowship feature!



Thank you, Joy! And I’m SO glad you’re coming!! ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

Will be there – with bells on! (I’ll have to reconsider the bells). Anyway, always like reading your blog.

Thanks for your nice comments on mine. :-)


And I always like reading your comments!! :) (and your blog, too!) I’ll be listening for bells! Glad you can make it! ♥ Michelle


Hahaha… now that I look back at this comment it sounds dorky, but it already went to your email! lol

I’d like to replace it with:

“You make me smile, Judy!!” :D

Amy Steiner

I will be back next week to celebrate with you!
Just became your newest follower…saying Hi from ifellowship day!
Many Blessings!


Welcome, Amy! Glad to have you following! I look forward to getting to know you more! ♥ Michelle

I’ll hop over to your blog for a visit right after this. :)


You are NOT going to be 40! You definitely don’t look it. I was guessing in your late 20s or early 30s. :D I turn 40 next year.


You deserve to win something for that kind comment!! ;)


Just RSVP-ing- I’m there :)



Stephanie @ The Helping Mommy

Hi and Happy early Birthday! I’m stopping by from iFellowship – congrats on being the featured blogger!



Thank you, Stephanie!! I’ll return the visit asap! I look forward to getting to know you! ♥ Michelle


Can’t wait to party with you~ IRL and online!!

Congrats on the featured blogger status too! You deserve it.


Thank you, Shell!! xoxo


sounds like so much fun!!! I turn 30 this year and I’m trying to get a blog party lined up too!! hopefully by the time your party starts, I’ll have internet at the new house!!


Hope you get internet set up soon enough to make it!! :) And hope your party set up goes well!!

Ashley @ AP Freewriting

I’ll be there! :)


Yay!! GLAD to hear it!! ♥ Michelle

Cali of PassionBird

YAY!!!! I’m so excited to see what’s in store!


Hope you win something cool, my sweet Cali!! xoxo

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

Congrats on being the iFellowship featured blogger today, Michelle! And what a great idea to have an online birthday party! I’ll be sure to be here to help you celebrate!


Thanks, Deb! I’m SO glad you’ll be here to help celebrate!! Thank you!


Yay!!! SO glad you’re all coming!!! :)

stef layton

shut up – I don’t believe 40!


Believe it, Girl!! But don’t stop following because I’m so OLD! lol (not that 40 is old… it’s just older that some other ages) ;)


Too excited!! Just remind me, because I am not too far behind you in age and my brain seems to have left me most days!


Susan Jones

Surprise!!! I love parties!!! Count me in.


What?? A party? On your website? How fun!! I’ll be there . :)

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